June 14, 2017


Don't ever feel bad if you're making a lot of mistakes, don't feel ashamed of your mistakes. Because of those mistakes you learned a lot and you're on the right direction. Making mistakes is normal, there is nothing wrong about it. You will even become really good if you're making a lot of mistakes because you will learn a lot but... you must not take it personally, you must not be sensitive, you must not feel bad or depressed if someone criticize you because you are not doing it right. It is normal to get some ugly feedback from other people, what they say is none of your business. Your focus should be yourself and how to become successful. Just keep on getting better everyday and never look back once you started, Always keep moving forward, don't think about the mistakes that you did from the past, learn from it but don't dwell on it.

Is there someone who became successful that didn't commit any mistake? the most successful ones are the ones who made millions of mistakes but they don't care about it. They keep going and going until they become successful. To them, making mistakes is part of their lives, they don't care about it, they just laugh at it, they always feel like nothing happened once they made a mistake.

Because that is what life is all about, if you want to learn a lot of things, if you want to discover some knowledge that you need in the future, if you want to become rich and get everything you want... you have no choice but to keep making mistakes and keep failing. That is what it is all about, success is a trial and error method. You can't make a guess and hope that everything will work on the first try. Success will come to those people who doesn't care about failing over and over again. You just need to make your skin thick, you just need to numb the pain everytime you feel small because of always being wrong. It is all about trying a million times and not quitting.

So be happy if you're not talented nor skilled nor gifted, whatever they call it, may it be phenom or the chosen one or something. Be happy because you still have hope to become great. It is just a matter of hardwork, dedicated and focus. Just keep on trying and keep making mistakes, you will be able to forge an unnatural talent that was built from fire and adversity. A talent that is persevering and has a lot of pride, a talent that was created by you and only you. A talent that will never fade unlike the natural talent that others believe... that natural talent will soon fade or diminished because of its over confidence and arrogance.

Who are you to think you're perfect? If you want to become great, stop looking for a perfect start, stop looking for a flawless ride, you need to start right away even if you don't know anything, you need to make a move even if you suck. Start now and count your mistakes, if you already did a million then you're already great.

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