June 22, 2017


You don't know how someone feels, you do not know what is holding him back, you don't know how difficult it is for him to make the first move, you don't know the real story so don't be harsh on him if he can't move. It's his life, he will be the one to suffer if he keep on acting like a scared puppy. And one more thing, you have your own life so just focus on your life and forget about the problems of others.

If you keep on pushing someone to move and arrange his life, the tendency is that person will not act. He will be scared even more, he might even shit on his pants. He is already scared so don't force him to do it, let him do it naturally. What if you're the one on his position, how will you feel? Let the guy be scared for his own good. Let him destroy his own life because of not taking actions, you don't know how he feels, you don't know how terribly scared he is so don't judge him. There is nothing you can do to motivate him. The more you push someone, the more he will not follow you.

Sometimes you want to make someone's life better by giving him the advise that you think is right for him, what you don't know is you are only making life more difficult for him. He is getting confused even more, he is feeling the pressure, don't blame the guy if he has a weak guts. All you can do is let him be what he wanted to be, after all he owns his life, he knows what is best for him.

Any man knows what he needs to do, he just don't want it because he is so lazy, scared and thinking too much. A man who can't take actions is suffering from "wishing I could restart my life" syndrome. He is full of regrets, he is thinking about past or maybe he want to fix his life right away but he knew it won't happen, he wants fast fix too without undergoing any kind of process that is why he is stuck in a moment and he can't get out of it.

The best thing to do is just give the person who is so scared the freedom that he needs. Let him make decisions on his own because he is peeing on his pants everytime he feels that he needs to take some action. He is so scared to death, he may have a heat attack right now so let him breathe some air. After all, he is the one who puts his life into that ugly position so let him solve it on his own.

There are some instances where you need to get hard to someone so that you can force him to take actions but sometimes it also won't work. You can't teach a scared dog some new tricks, just let him be because if he really wants to change his life then he will do something about it.

You also have your own problems so it is best to just focus on your own life and do what is best for you. Stop thinking about other people's situation because your problem will only doubled. It is better to inspire him naturally by being successful, it is better if you will wait for him to ask some help from you but if not... don't offer because he will only get annoyed, he may even get mad at you even if your concern is to help him.

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