June 18, 2017


Debit card is better than credit card because you are spending the money that is really yours, you have no liabilities in the future. You just spend it and that's it, no need to worry about paying in the future, no more interest or penalty. Some people thought that having a credit card makes them rich, actually they feel rich by having it. But the truth is.. you will become poorer and poorer as you use credit card. Some people are only working just to pay their credit cards, some people have 3 or 5 credit cards and uses all of it that is why when the monthly salary is there already... they can only hold it for a few days and it is already gone. So funny, they are working just to pay their bills.

People who uses credit cards a lot are the people who go broke, they were so addicted in using it but when the payment time is there... they were crumbling, they were scare to death especially when the agents are calling them and reminding them about the payment to be made.

Never spend a money that you didn't work for yet. If you are using credit card, it means you don't have the money yet, you didn't earn it yet but still you are spending it. After using it, you will lose motivation to work because you know you have something to pay. You will feel lazy because you know you are working just to pay something and it's very depressing and demotivating. Stop being in that cycle where you will buy something even though the salary is not there yet. You must feel good about yourself and money in order to attract more money, using credit cards will only make you feel bad. It is only exciting in the beginning but you will eventually get stress in the end. So stop being attracted to sale items at the mall and stop buying them if you don't need them, stop thinking that you can use your credit card forever. You are here to feel good and not to just pay debts.

So just use debit card because it is your real money, you already work for it so you are allowed and have the authority to spend it, unlike the credit card... the money is not yet yours, you will still work after using it. You have more control in debit card because you know how much money you can spend. People who uses credit cards were out of control, they never stop until they reach the credit limit that is why they buy stuffs that are useless and has no value at all. And in the end they are having a hard time in paying it because their budget was already destroyed.

The lesson here is... learn to abstain in spending, use your money for important things and not just for pleasure. It is hard if you are in deep debt, you will have no freedom, you will feel you're in a quicksand and you can't get out.

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