June 04, 2017


Sometimes all you can do is create your own numbers because they cannot give the numbers that you are asking. What do I mean by this? you create some numbers that will put you in a position to get the numbers that you originally wanted. For example, if you are asking for a salary increase and your boss doesn't want you to give one... it's time to create your own numbers. Work as hard as you can, create the number of hours of work that is longer than the normal hours of working. If you are working 8 hours before it is time to work for at least 10-12 hours now. Do as many task as you can, produce some numbers that is very hard to ignore, if your boss sees your value then he can never deny you next time.

If your goal is to get a million subscribers in you tube and you can't figure out how to get it, if it seems like nobody is subscribing to your channel... it is time for you to create your own numbers too. If you can't force them to subscribe to your channel, you can force yourself to make videos as much as you can. It is possible to create one million videos. I know it takes a very long time to do that but it is still possible, once you're on the journey and you love what you're doing, you will never think about succeeding or failing anymore, you just do it for the love of doing it. And even if you don't create a million videos, if you're striving to reach that kind of numbers... you will attract big numbers too. A lot of people will subscribe in your channel because they will see that you are serious, they will see that you are for real. They will see that you are growing and they will see that you are getting better everyday. Because if you keep on working consistently... people will notice you, and that is the biggest secret to success... consistency and hardwork.

If your coach is not using you but you wanted to play some minutes in a game, if they can't give you some playing time then it's time for you to create your own numbers again. Create your own numbers in practice. Practice for a very long time, practice for three or more hours each day and let's see if you don't become great. Those number of hours in practice, those hardwork will attract success. If they see you that you are getting better, they can't deny you anymore. Forget about the playing time, just focus on your practice. Focus on what is happening and not on what is not happening, what is happening is you are practicing and that is where you should place your focus a lot.

Focus on what you can control. You can control your emotions, work ethic and perspective. Don't get disappointed everytime you ask for a number and they can't give it to you. You can create your own number, large numbers will attract large numbers. So if you are working hard even if there is no reward yet... you will be rewarded in the end. All of your efforts will be noticed, you just need a little more time and believe yourself a little bit more.

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