June 18, 2017


If you are doing something for so long, chances are there are unexpected things that may happen that will break your streak. Let's say if you committed to writing everyday and suddenly you got sick... of course you have an excuse to not write for at least a day. Some people who have a very strong will will still write but what if your mind is conquering your body and it is telling you to just rest for a while and it is not bad to miss just one day? what you need to do is make a momentum maintainer, do something that is easier than your normal routine. If you are writing everyday for 1000 words every article, just write 500 words. Your mind will instantly think that it is easy to finish so you will do it. Yeah, the quality may not be as good as your normal routine but the point here is... your streak was not cut, you're still on the right track. You're still on a roll, you will also not feel bad because you didn't miss a single day.

I am doing a workout everyday, I don't wanna miss any single day because If I do... I can't come back easily, once I miss a single day, It's hard for me to come back on track. Sometimes it takes 5 days or even a week to comeback doing a workout. So what I do is I invent a maintainer. Everytime I get busy or there is a sudden unexpected event that I must attend... I just do a 10-15 minute treadmill. I don't feel guilty if I miss my daily routine because I still feel that my streak hasn't ended, it's also a little bit similar with active rest. And it makes me feel good, it still makes me feel that the growth hasn't stop. I still feel better when I do the momentum maintainer.

So if you are sick or something and you feel like you can't do your routine... Just invent a momentum maintainer, an activity that is easier to your daily routine but will keep you on track. An activity that will make you stay motivated and focused. If you're doing 100 pushups a day, just do 30 or 50 if you don't feel well. If you are practicing a musical instrument for one hour a day, just do a 15-30 minute practice if you are too busy.

But always keep in mind that you can only do the momentum maintainer once or twice a week, you must stick with your daily and harder routine so your skill level will never go down. Don't be fooled by doing the momentum maintainer and making it as your daily routine. Sometimes when you enjoy doing the easier thing, you might not come back to your older and harder routine. You might want to take it easy everyday which is not good for your progress. Go back to your harder routine once you feel good already, never make excuses again.

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