June 17, 2017


Create a bank of happiness means you will invest into something that will make you happy. If you know what makes you happy, you need to focus your energy on that thing and keep growing it everyday. If music is what makes you happy then that is your bank of happiness, you listen to it everyday, you play your own music, you invent your own notes, you listen to only music that makes you happy and you never care about what is the latest music or not. Your bank of happiness should be genuine and not be influenced by others, it is  your  own choice and no one can affect your taste of music.

Your bank of happiness will save you if you are sad, it will make you happy if you are bored, it will give you direction, it will make your life meaningful and creative.

What is your bank of happiness? make sure it will give you a forever happiness. Some people thinks they are happy gambling their money, this is not true bank of happiness because it is only giving you temporary joy, you are not growing, you are only getting poorer and poorer. Your bank of happiness should be something that gives you growth and not just temporary happiness.

Some people, their bank of happiness is their family which is really good, they dedicate their time for their family, the grow with their family. This is a forever happiness because the love is genuine and not forced.

Some people, their bank of happiness is their work. They are serious with their work, other people thinks they are crazy and slave of their work but the truth is... their work is their only happiness, it is their life, it gives them power and strength to live everyday. That is why some people, even though they were too old, they can't stop working because it is the only thing that gives them joy and peace. Some old people were millionaires but still keep working because they think that if they stop working then they will die.

You can create your own bank of happiness, find something that gives you joy and take care of it, do it everyday and make it grow everyday. This will save your life, you will have something to do if you are so bored and depressed. You will be able to amuse yourself because everytime you are sad... the bank of happiness is there to save you.

Always make sure that it gives you happiness not stress and problems. Some people thinks that they are happy with something because it gives them happiness, but in the end it only gives them big problems and health issues. Your bank of happiness should be healthy and will never give you any problem.

It is very easy to create it, look around you, study what gives you motivation and fire. Never be afraid to focus your life into something because you will not regret it in the end.

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