June 22, 2017


Time is your most valuable tool if you want to become successful. You cannot buy time, all you can do is use it and if you will not use it the right way... you will rush in the end, you will have regrets, you will not see what is possible in your life. In other words, you will ran out of time and you will become a failure.

Collect those minutes of chatting with your fake friend in facebook and use it for a more productive activity. Collect those minutes you use in stalking somebody in social media and use it to make your life better. It is just a matter of using your time the right way and putting yourself in an activity that has more benefits in the future. Discipline is the key to success, not talent, not connections or luck. If you can collect the minutes that you wasted and use it to make your life better then you will succeed.

The power of little by little is so strong. You think you're just wasting a few minutes now, you think that it is ok to just relax a little bit and do something stupid but if you will sum up those minutes that you've wasted.. you will learn that it's unacceptable, you will learn that if you only use it for something productive then maybe you're a little bit successful now.

I'm not saying that totally forget everything and become a weirdo focusing on success. The point here is you should minimize the time wasting activities that you are engaging with if you really want to achieved an improvement. It's hard but once you see the small benefits that it is bringing into your life... you will love it, you will become obsess with the little progress that you are making.


For at least ten days, become the most productive that you can ever be, everything that you do... it should have an equivalent success that is waiting in the future. Don't do something stupid or time wasting acts that only gives you temporary pleasure but misery in the future. During the ten day experiment, give our best, push yourself. That is the starting point where you build your habits and forge some momentum that will make you attract success. During that time span, you will discipline yourself like you never did before, endure all the boredom and misery that changing yourself gives to you. While doing something, never stop it until you're done, build the mental toughness that will make you refrain from being tempted to do something useless.

After that ten day experiment, you will notice a different change in your life, you will feel better, you will feel stronger, smarter and confident. It is simply because you are using your life the right way, you are extending your limitations and you keep expanding like never before. 10 days is very short, you can do it because time is so fast, you better start now and just simply enjoy the process.

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