June 17, 2017


Ninety eight percent of people around the world were only good in starting, they were very good in telling their goals, how good it was and how high their hopes were. They are telling the world about their game plans but when the going gets tough and they feel that they can't do it anymore... they quit. majority of people quit, they thought that quitting will give birth to new and easier dreams. They want the easy way out, they want to always feel good that is why they end up feeling bad. If you always want to feel good then you will quit for sure, be able to embrace bad feelings and process it, it is all about manipulating your feelings and choosing the right thoughts to keep you going. 

It is easy to start because everything is easy in the beginning, everything is exciting in the beginning. But when the difficult parts were starting to show... of course it is hard to stay on the course and grind until the end. But it is all about sticking with it and moving until you become successful, that's how simple it was but a lot of people can't do it because they were just good in starting, they were just good in the beginning. 

You have to choose whether you're just another starter or a strong finisher. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Be cool if you are doing a lot of mistakes in the beginning because that's just part of the process. You will learn and become good once you keep moving forward. Don't be like others who were just good in talking and making themselves look good because they are talking about their plans but if you follow their journey... they will quit on the first quarter of the year, some can't even stay for a month. 

You can be tenacious even if you're not, all you have to do is make up your mind that you will not quit until the end. Make a promise to yourself that you will never go back even if everything in your life seems like falling apart. 


1. Forget about your feelings. Of course a lot of times you will feel bad because things gets harder and harder but those challenges will never look hard if you feel good while doing it. You must enjoy doing the process even if it is so hard. The technique here is don't rush and just be in the moment. Take it slow if you need to, don't compare your progress to the progress of others. Just stay on your own course and do your best. Stay focus and stay committed. 

2. Always imagine yourself achieving that goal. If things gets harder and you feel like quitting... imagine yourself achieving that goal, keep working and working until you forge some results. Imagine yourself winning, that will make you feel good and motivated. Even if it's just a fantasy...soon it will become a reality if you keep working hard. 

3. Forget about the speed of your progress. Forget if your slow or fast, a lot of people quit because they can't accept the fact that their progress is very slow. They compare themselves to others that is why they were easily get demotivated even if they see others succeeding. Even if you can't even produce some progress.... keep going because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

4. Show up everyday. You need to show up even if you feel bad, you need to be consistent and committed. The more you become consistent... the more you would love to work hard because you don't want to break your own streak. Show up everyday and keep working even if you have no clue what to do next. 

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