June 23, 2017


Leaving something hanging on the air creates tension, arguments and it makes you unable to progress. Never create a pending work. It is ok to put it tomorrow if you really can't do it and you already work for long hours but if you will just leave it for the sake of being lazy... common, grow up and do the right thing. You will have a slow and heavy life if you are a believer of pending.

Laundry, dishes, small projects, small tasks, just simply calling a friend because he's waiting for your answer and any other pending things that needs to be done right away... you keep on leaving it hanging on the air. Have you notice that the more you put your works on pending, the more it gives you bad feelings? you feel heavy, tired and stressed isn't it?

Just do the first step, it will feel better once you take the first step and finally get the momentum rolling. Because if you will not do the tasks that you are suppose to do.. you will lose credibility, people won't trust you anymore. A lot of people will get mad at you, your life will become a complete mess because deep inside you want to do it but you can't. The habit of being lazy and slow is already embedded into your system that is why you can't even take a small action.

I was scammed by a car painter before, that bum was suppose to do the finishing of my car paint but what he does is he keeps on telling me that he will just do it tomorrow. Then I finally got sick and tired of his promises and go for another service. The later I found out that the car painter was finally got fired from his job. See, that's what will happen if you keep things hanging on the air... your life will become a complete mess, you will have no direction. Your life is full of shit and it seems like you're stuck in mud and you can't get out of it.

You will become happier if you will do it right away. It's like the thorns in your throat will be removed, it's like the big rock that you are carrying at your back will be gone. In other words, the burden will totally be gone once you do the right things.

So create the habits of doing it right away now before you become a lazy ass person. Do it even if you don't feel like doing it. Because that is the only way to get ahead in life... taking massive actions and doing it fast. Trust me, you will never regret it once you did it even if it feels so heavy. You will feel really good once you finish a task that you don't want to start.

Forget about the time, forget about finishing it fast. Just start it and enjoy doing it, that is the key how to become a hardworking person... you just start it and let the momentum carry on.

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