June 18, 2017


Accessory of other's success, this is what is this article all about. Are you just an accessory? are you just a body guard of someone who is popular? are you just a fetcher of someone who is no better than you? Are you the spotlight or just the shadow?

Decide now if you will let other people use you for their own good, decide now if you will allow someone to use you and give you lesser than what you deserve. It's ok to take a job that you don't like and be a follower for a while but you shouldn't be satisfied with that position. Once you have enough money to pursue your own journey... go after it and never look back.

Because you always have the right to become a star. You have the authority to get what you want and live the life you want, you're just so scared to try it. You need to have confidence in your skills and abilities that one day... you will become what you want to become. It is never bad to dream big if you will work hard to get it. Most people are dreaming big but are working less that is why they end up short. If you want something... go and get it, forget the HOWs and BUTs, just do what you can do at the moment and never quit until you win.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in being a shadow, there is nothing wrong in being a follower if you really want it and you're not against it. But if something in your heart is saying that you want something else and you're not doing anything to get it.... you're just wasting your life. You better follow your heart because it is always right, it will only look wrong in the beginning while you are still facing challenges and adversities for taking the risks. But once you were able to whether the storm... you will thank yourself that you followed your heart.

The worse thing about being a shadow is you have no 100 percent control of your life, you have no control of the outcome. People will dictate you what they want to happen into your life, you have no freedom, you can't make decisions on your own, other people will decide for you and you have no choice but to follow them. You will lose your power and confidence, you will never trust yourself anymore. In other words, you completely become useless.

But if you are the spotlight, if you are pursuing your own journey... everything you did will never be contested by anyone. Every fault that you did... there is no other people to blame but you, but it is ok. It is ok to fail by your own mistake other than fail  by the mistake of others.

What are you waiting for? if you hate your job, if you hate being a shadow then left your job. GO and get your dreams, go all out. if you work super hard... something good will happen and that is guaranteed. Hardwork will be your assurance of success.

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