June 19, 2017


A lot of people wants a hack. Hacking means wanting the easy way, it means shortcut, it means having something for just exerting a little effort. Hacking may work but not for so long, it will only work for a very short period of time because the number one rule is... the longer you work for something, the longer it will work for you. So it means that if you didn't work for something... it may also work for you but for just a short period of time.

Blue magic pills that is out in the market to create intelligence in you even if you are dumb, energy drinks that will only last for a few minutes, short period of exercise that promises abs, bio hacking that has no evidence if it really works, internet hacking that will give you money but will also send you to jail, Most people wants the hack because they don't need to sweat for it, they think that the result will give them happiness not knowing that the real happiness is in the process. If you will just enjoy working for something and having fun while working then you no longer need to trust hacks that will only give temporary solution.

If you can learn to adapt working hard for something then you will have better results, actually you can get anything you want because the work ethic is already there, it is just a matter of being patient and waiting for your time. Unlike in hacking, you will get results fast but it will also go away fast, sometimes you will not even get results, it will just give you side effects or will put you in a worse situation.

Instead of using steroids, learn to adapt yourself in the gym and bust your ass until your muscle and strength grows. Instead of drinking diet pills, learn to adapt to a safe and long process diet so that the effects is healthy. Instead of using the blue magic pill of intelligence, learn to adapt to study hard so your brain will expand naturally and you won't get crazy.

What if the hack is no longer there? what will you do, unlike in adapting... you have confidence in yourself, you know you can do anything and be anything you like without cheating. Anything that deals with hacks is a form of cheating, you are cheating yourself because you think you are getting results but the truth is you are only setting yourself up for a failure. Hacking will not become successful because it didn't made you a better person, it didn't made you grow. You can only grow through hardwork and embracing the process. If you will rely on shortcuts then you will fall short.

Just learn to adapt to the process, do what you need to do and try to make yourself better each day and that's it. No need to search for hacks that will make you lazy, weak and dependent from it. If the hack is no longer working, you will feel depressed, you will feel weak, you wouldn't know what to do and that is bad.

Learning to adapt with the process no matter how hard it is will give you success. It is just a matter of believing in it and staying with it for a very long time. It will give you confidence, you will have a sense of pride that you work for something and you didn't cheat.

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