June 30, 2017


Any sacrifice that you need to do that will give you benefits in the future is the best thing to do, it is the right direction for you. So what is the small sacrifice that you need to do at the moment? if it is about calling a client or simply washing your clothes because you don't have anything to wear tomorrow or maybe you need to do an exercise because your health is really bad, do it because that will give you a better life, it will put you in the right position, it will give you the momentum to become successful.

So if you are lost... just look for the little sacrifice that you can do because it will put you on the right track. A little discomfort will give you benefits. Do what is hard so your life will become easier.

A lot of people can't make sacrifices that is why they are having a hard time with their lives, all they want is comfort and easy but even if you are experiencing a lot of comfort now... it will not last for so long if you will not make sacrifices, sacrifices gives balance, it is the best guide that you can ever improvise if you don't have any guide at all.

Because after pain is comfort, if you are experiencing a lot of pain now because you are sacrificing... you will experience a lot of comfort later. So don't be mad, don't be sad if you are sacrificing because it has a reward in the end.

So if you have to choose between sacrifice and instant pleasures.. always choose sacrifice, it is the right thing, it is the best thing for you. You may look boring but at least you're on the right path. And after all, you can enjoy any sacrifice if you can control your thoughts and emotions. You can enjoy anything you do if you have the proper mindset.

Because life is simply designed that way, you can't change it, you can't make shortcuts, you can't hack it if you want to become successful. Have you ever seen a successful man who didn't sacrifice at all? have you ever seen a strong person who all do is be lazy in life? it is what it is, you need to work hard or else life will be hard to you.

So if you have an exam tomorrow or a simple business meeting, choose preparation over watching TV or trolling around in social media. You will feel a little uncomfortable but when the test is there, when the challenge is there... you will feel good because you are prepared. You will never look like an idiot, you will never have a hard time. It is because the suffering was already experience so good times is the next.

A small sacrifice when repeated over and over again can make you big, it can make you someone that not all people can be. It can take you to another level, it can take you to a new height that cannot be experience by everyone.

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