June 21, 2017


1. Stay away from alcohol, food or drugs. Instant pleasures won't solve your depression, they will only worsen it. Food will make you fatter that will make your more feel bad about yourself, alcohol and drugs will only numb the pain but it will give you a lot of side effects. It will ruined your mind, you will be attracted to wrong direction which will only make your problems bigger. Those things will only make your forget your problem for a little time but it will make you depressed even more. Look at those celebrities who use drugs and alcohol as a problem solver... they freak out and they can't come back to their old life anymore.

2. Action. Just take action, take micro steps to entertain yourself and forget your problem. Any positive action that will give benefits will make you forget your problem easily. Taking action will make your heal fast because it will make your time faster, if you are so busy... you will forget your problems and you will be able to recover faster than expected.

3. Exercise. Just run or walk or jog. If you are sweating you will feel good, the level of depression will go down. You will feel lighter, everytime you push yourself and sweat... good feelings will come out, try it to see for yourself. Exercise is the best medication to any kind of pain emotionally and physically.

4. Meditation. Just breathe and meditate, basic meditation is mainly focusing on your breathing. Inhale and exhale, this will clear your mind from negativity. You will feel better, relaxed and sometimes you will even appreciate life even more. You will appreciate that breathing alone is a blessing.

5. Talk about it to the closest people in your life but not a lot. It is better if you will be able to express yourself and let your feelings out. Tell it to the closest people in your life, they will listen and might give you some good advise that you can use. But don't talk to it a lot because they might get annoyed at you. Just talk about it for just once or twice, release it and move on.

6. Find something where you can grow. It can be anything that you can place your focus. It can be arts, sports, business, etc. Find something that will make you forget your past. Be good at it, become the best so you will feel good about yourself and you will see your real value. Pick something and use your time and energy to get better each day.

7. Join a contest that requires endurance. You can channel your anger into contests like marathon, triathlon, survivor, body building or anything that requires persistence. This will make you mentally stronger. You will feel how strong you are, you will see that you can defeat any challenges in life, you will discover your real power. It will also allow you to forget the problems you have because you are so focused on the challenges. Stay competitive, you will find happiness while competing.

8. Strengthen your spirituality. Go to your religion, pray. It doesn't matter what kind of believe you have, you should feed your spiritual energy so you will never feel alone and your hope will never die.

9. Make yourself good looking. Ugliness can strengthen your depression so if you are not taking care of yourself and people are noticing it.. you will become depressed even more. The more you look at the mirror and you don't like what you are seeing... you will become more emotionally hurt. You will feel bad about yourself, your confidence will go down. Groom yourself, make yourself more appealing so that you will feel good about yourself and it will be easier for you to forget your problem. There are some people who have problems but still manage to take care their looks.

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