June 18, 2017


If you don't have confidence in yourself... you can fake it till you have real confidence. Because the truth is... confidence is not about feeling good and superior. It is about being able to embrace the moment even if you feel bad, it is about staying in control of your emotions even if some part of you is not comfortable. Confidence is know that everything will be alright even if something is wrong.

1. DON'T HIDE. Always show yourself, don't seat in the back row, don't hide in the back of other people. Expose yourself, show your face, show your smile. Even if you feel bad while doing those things... still do it because you will feel good later. Once you see yourself doing things that you don't normally do... you will feel that your confidence has level up. You will be happy with your growth, you will even become amazed at yourself because you were able to do things that gives you discomfort.

2. LET GO. Just lean to let go, let go of the negative emotions, let go of the fear. Never attached yourself from anything. Don't think that you've been embarrassed, don't think that you're lost. Just let go and let things happen naturally. Let go of the pressure, think about the bigger things. Just celebrate that you're alive and you will learn to let go.

3. SPEAK SLOWLY. Speaking slowly will make you feel that you are in the moment. You will understand everything, you will enjoy what is going around, you are enjoying the process. You will feel good about yourself, you will feel the slowness of the moment and you will feel that you're in control.

4. BE ATTENTIVE. When someone is talking to you... be attentive. Know what you are talking about. Don't just answer something for the sake of just answering it, be aware of what you are saying. Be in the moment second by second,

5. NEVER TRY TO ESCAPE ANY SITUATION. Even is a lot of people were laughing at you... stay with that moment, don't try to fight back, don't try to panic. Just stay with the moment and embrace all the negative emotions that are coming in, embrace the mockery from other people, embrace everything that you feel. You will look invincible if you are so still, people will even be impressed at you because of your calmness.

6. THINK SLOWLY. If you will just take your time to think slowly and stop panicking... you will feel confident, it doesn't matter if you are slow, it is ok to be slow, it is ok to run your own pace and forget about the pace of others. Forget if someone is waiting. Just learn to enjoy what is going on with your life.

7. FOCUS ON YOUR GOOD QUALITIES. You feel inferior because you are so focused on what is lacking in your life and personality. Focus on your strengths and you will feel how powerful you are. Focus on your skills, focus on what gives you results, focus on what gives you good feelings and stay on that grid.

8. STAY ACTIVE. Staying active and having a strong work ethic will give you large amount of confidence, you will feel that you're a different human being and you can achieve great things in life.

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