June 18, 2017


1.Do what you said you will do yesterday. If you can stay true to your words and keep every promise you made then your efficiency will increase, it means you are serious in your life and you want a dramatic change. It means you really want to become productive. Of course you need to rest and just continue what you're doing tomorrow but once tomorrow is already there... you need to do your pending task, never let another tomorrow come again without doing it.

2. DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOUR FOCUS. May it be a simple addictive video game, a gossip website or a long drama series... you have to destroy it if it is destroying your focus. Something has to go in order for something to come in. Destroy what destroys your productivity and you will become productive. Yes it is hard but what do you want? a better life or a lazy life? The choice is yours, you know the right thing.

3. BE AWARE IF YOU'RE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING. Be mindful of your activities and habits. You should be aware if you're doing the unproductive things and stop it immediately. Be aware if you are entertaining useless thoughts that decreases your productivity. If you can stop the things that stops you then your productivity will increase to a different level.

4. PUSH. You need to push yourself, if you are feeling lazy... that is the best time to push yourself, if you're in doubt and hesitant... that is also the best time to push yourself. Push yourself like never push before. It is only difficult in the beginning, once you became familiar with that kind of timing... you will have fun pushing yourself and it feels normal to you. It is what it is, if you will not push then you will not be able to pull something great.

5. SACRIFICE. You need to sacrifice temporary pleasures with activities that moves you closer to growth. In other words, your life will become a little bit boring. But if that boringness will give success, wouldn't you not choose it? embrace boredom, do the things that makes you grow. You need to sacrifice in order to claim the prize. Again, it is only difficult in the beginning, once you get use to doing the right things... you would love to do it everyday.

6. REWARD YOURSELF. Always treat yourself once you achieve something great. Make a small celebration, buy the things that you want, treat yourself with your favorite food. You need to see that there is a benefit from what you're doing in order to keep going. Reward yourself everytime to did something incredible so that you will stay with the process for long.

7. PUT PRESSURE IN YOURSELF. Imagine all the things that might happen to you if you will not work hard. Things such as getting broke, having no food to eat, having no money to spend for your family. Take it seriously, scare yourself so that you will be forced to move.

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