June 09, 2017


1. Prepare to become uncomfortable. Let's face it, change is really uncomfortable, you will feel irritated, bored and stressed. You cannot change if you are not willing to face stress because you are installing some new habits, thoughts, actions,  environment, people into your system. Everything looks new, your body and brain will be shocked because your old habits is being replaced slowly. If you really wanted to build a new you... you must be willing to become uncomfortable and do whatever it takes to forge a momentum that will bring out the better version of you. Don't worry because it is only uncomfortable in just a couple of weeks, if you manage to forced yourself to install the newly desired habits and things into your system... change will take place faster than expected.

2. Have a vision. How do you want to look? what are things that you want to get? what is your true purpose? if you don't have a vision then you will not be able to change. Have a vision so that you will have a guide on how do you want to live your new life. If your vision is blurry then you will not be able to get the results that you want. Imagine yourself winning, imagine yourself getting the things that you want, be bold and specific about it. Don't feel guilty if you're dreaming so big, just see yourself on the place where you want to be and work hard everyday.

3. Start imperfectly. Starting imperfectly will make you want to start right away, some people can't even start or take the first step because they want flawless results right away. It is not about being perfect, it is about taking actions to be at least close to perfect. Never mind if you're starting rough or making a lot of mistakes, you will become great as you repeat what you're doing. If you really want to make a dramatic change in your life... don't strive to become perfect, just start wherever you are and forget about how bad you look while doing your mission.

4. Imitate your idol. If you can't be original and doesn't know what to do... just imitate someone that has a much better life than yours, it can be your idol or simply someone that is doing well in life. Study his actions, copy his actions, habits and the way he handle himself. Copy everything about him and you will be like him. Well, at least you manage to change your life.

5. Expect nothing. If you want to change... don't expect that the change will happen right away. Focus on actions and expect nothing, this kind of mindset will make you change your life so fast. A lot of people can't change because their expectations were too high, sometimes they don't know that their lives has already changed because they are expecting too much. It's ok to dream big and hope for the finest things in life but don't expect too much or else you will only become disappointed once you didn't get what you want right away. Do your very best but don't expect too much.

6. Be ok with a slow pace. Change may not happen so fast so you need to be very patient, accept being in a slow pace if needed. Take it one step at a time, don't rush because it is not needed. Rushing is forcing and you don't need to force change if you want a better and permanent result. Take baby steps, be ok with slow and small progress.

7. Be consistent. Do it even if you don't want to do it, that is how change will happen. Be consistent, do it everyday. Never miss a day or else your fire and momentum will die.  

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