June 26, 2017


I already have a regular job before but I quit for several reasons:

1. I feel like my boss is disrespecting me. The boss is lazy, very negative and is not respecting his co-workers that is why I quit. I work harder than him and I know I can be something else. The boss is arrogant and I don't like his attitude. He feels like he's better than anybody else but the truth is... his life sucks, he can't even finish his goals, he is very good in talking but poor in executing. I don't like people like that. The boss is like a clown, he's a joke, his ego is too high but he can't even make awesome achievements. I feel like I am following someone who is not deserving.

2. I feel like I'm better. I know I can do better and be better that is why my life is better now when I quit that job. Good thing I found the courage to believe in my self and follow my own unique path. A lot of people were so scared to quit their job because they knew they can't find something else. They were so scared, they don't want to take chances and that is why they can't change their lives. What people don't know is you can still take chances even if you feel that you don't have the right skills yet.

3. The salary is low. I feel like i'm being paid like a rookie or an intern. I feel like I can earn more so I look for another way to earn money and I found it. My decision was right, I learned in life that if you feel like you can find something better... you are right and you must go for it. Don't settle for something low because it is the only available. Life is full of abundance and you must get your own big slice of cake, don'ts settle for a thin slice of cake because there's always much bigger than that if you will only look for it.

4. I don't have the freedom. I can't decide on my own, have a rest on my own. I can't live on my own terms, the company always know what is better for you even if you don't like it. I always feel being suffocated because I'm like a puppet that will just follow what they want even though my feelings is against it.

5. I see something others can't see. I have a dream, I have a vision. Other people can't see it but I can see it clearly for myself. I can see my self succeeding on other things. Even if they are doubting me and stopping me to resign because they keep on telling me that I am already lucky because I have a regular job... I still follow my heart because I am seeing something, I feel like I can do the impossible. I feel like even if it is hard... I can still find a way how to make things work for me.

6. I believe in hardwork. I just believe that if I keep on pounding, searching and grinding my ass.. I will be rewarded someday, and it happened. I was able to learn how to make money for myself without being belittle by other people. I was hardened by circumstances, I begin to become so independent that not any single person can tell me what to do in my life.

7. Just follow my heart. I just follow what my heart tells me to do so. A lot of people were being called, ideas were running inside of their head but they don't have the courage to follow their heart and that is why they fail and have a lot of regrets in the end.

So if you feel like you need to quit your job because you're not happy anymore... do it because it is the right thing to do. Just make sure that you will not come back again to that job. It's a win or go home situation, it's a do or die, it's an all or nothing... grab the opportunity and make it happen.

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