June 09, 2017


Time and life are the only things in this world that you cannot replace nor get back. Once you lost it.. you can never get it back, the worse thing is you will have a lot of regrets in the end. So the best thing to do to live life is don't waste your time, use it to make your life even better. Use your time to make the people around you better. Use your time to experience a lot of great things in life.

Here are the reasons why you are wasting your time:

1. You think you are not wasting it. You are not aware that you are wasting your time, a lot of distractions distracts you easily. You are not focused, a simple post in facebook about the latest pregnant celebrity can catch your attention. A new useless video in you tube makes you leave the more important task that you're doing. You think that watching a 5 minute video, reading a short useless article will not affect your productivity?, that is what you think. It will become your habit, you are not aware that after repeating that time wasting activity over and over again... you are already wasting a lot of hours a day.

2. You think you can always make a come back. You think you're invincible, you think you can afford to waste time now because you can always do something good tomorrow, you think you can
give your best tomorrow or some other day so your decision is to just enjoy your day now and go hard some other day... which will never happen.

3. You are fooling yourself that you are in control. You think that your life will not be affected if you waste some time, you think that everything is under control and will always be in control. You're wrong my friend, wasting time is already an out of control behavior and if you will not do something to make an attitude adjustment... you're in big trouble, your life will become miserable one day. you think you are in control now but wait for a few more days or weeks and let's see if you're still in control.

4. You love short term pleasures. Checking  emails, texting while working, chatting with fake friends, playing video games, watching replay movies. You love short term pleasures that gives long term pain. You are so addicted in useless activities that you think will not affect your productivity. It maybe short term pleasure, you may think that the time wasted is not that much but if you will calculate the time wasted for doing those activities... it's almost a million hours.

5. You're not scared to fail. You don't care if you fail in class, fail in business, fail in your work etc. You're not scared to fail that is why you waste a lot of time. If you're scared to fail then you will do the right thing or maybe you're still delusional that you can still succeed despite of wasting a lot of time.

6. You think you're still young. Your mindset is when you become older, let's say 30's or 40's then that is the only time you will take your life seriously. You think that it is ok to bum around, party, become lazy because that is what young people are suppose to do. But be careful because there are lot of young people before that became old now that wasn't able to change their lives. They were forever a bum because they don't have the habits to do the right things. If you will waste your time now then you will also waste it when you grow older, that habit of wasting time cannot be remove in your system.

7. Someone is supporting you. Your're so confident in not taking your life seriously because you knew someone will catch you, it is either your parents, martyr sister or sugar mama that will do the work for you. Beware because not all the time the support is always there, time will come and your support will no longer be able to support you. If I were you, I will take life seriously now because time will come and you will need to work for yourself.

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