June 05, 2017


1. You are always looking for what is missing. You can't begin because you are always looking for what is missing in your life and you make that as an excuse. You want to run but you can't begin because you are telling yourself that you don't have a running shoes. You want to change your life but you are looking for an expensive self development coach before you get started, what if you don't have money to pay that coach? You want to have a strict diet but you want to have a dietitian first to assist you. You want to become rich but you are always looking for a big capital to start a business. You are always looking for what is missing in your life, you feel that you need to have everything before you get started, you want a perfect start.

2. You are focused on people who already made results. And when you see that there are some people who already made it.. you also want to get what they want without working for it, you easily get jealous. You can't get started because you got overwhelmed when you learned that it is hard to get there. You watch other people who made it instead of working for it that is why your time has been wasted for nothing. Instead on working on your on project, you are too busy watching other people's lives.

3. You care too much about your emotions. Just a little headache, toothache, dizziness or whatever discomfort you feel... you are using it as an excuse to not start. When you also feel bad because you and your partner have some misunderstanding... you dwell on that emotion. The moment you feel a little bad because of something... you will not start, you will make dramas, you're acting like you need to feel alright first before you start.

4. You're full of excuses. Excuses such as you're not ready, you're too busy, you're scared, you're waiting for something else, it's not the right time, your skill is not enough and any other out of the world excuses that is avoiding you from making the first move. You can always invent an excuse just to avoid yourself from drawing the first blood. You don't know that the more you make excuses... the more you are wasting time.

5. You prioritize unimportant things first. So when it is time to do the right things... you don't have energy left. You watch tv first, check your social media accounts, chat with your friends etc. until you find yourself already tired and wanted to go to bed. The cycle goes on and on, you don't have the willpower to force yourself to do the important things first, you are so addicted to comfort and temporary pleasures.

6. You are not warming up. Just do a simple warm up even if you feel so heavy. If you are a writer and you can't begin, just simply write ugly paragraphs, revise it later if you still want to. But just do something so that you will gain a little bit of momentum. Warm up, it is ok to slow in the beginning, what you need is momentum and you will only get it by just doing what you can for the moment regardless of how ugly your action is.

7. You get easily distracted. When your brother told you that your favorite sexy star is on TV... you will jump on the TV right away and then watch it, even if your purpose of watching is over... you can't stop it anymore because you were distracted already and you begin to enjoy it. A lot of small things can distract you, your focus is so weak.

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