June 17, 2017


1. REPETITION. If you really want to build your stamina then repetition is the best solution, you need to repeat over and over again. This applies to anything, whether in sports or pursuing an impossible goal... you can build your stamina through repetition. Just repeat and repeat, never get bored in repeating because that will build a different level of strength that you will need when you're under pressure. Repetition is very simple, anyone can do it. It's just a matter of erasing the boredom in repetition and just trying to do it even if you already knew it. Even if you think you already mastered it... you need to repeat it so that you will reach another level over and over again. You have to feel good repeating, you have to enjoy it. If you can repeat something a million times... your stamina is already on a different level, you're already an expert and it will be harder for them to beat you on your own game.

2. ALWAYS PUSH. If you will not push yourself... you will never be better than yesterday. If you want to have a strong stamina then don't be afraid of pushing. Push even if it hurts so bad, push even of you feel that nothing is happening. Keep pushing because great results were achieved through pushing your limits and boundaries. If you find yourself being relaxed and not improving anymore... push.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET TIRED. Getting tired is normal, Don't be scared of it, don's shy away from it. It is not a big deal if you get tired. You can slow down but don't ever stop. Having a strong stamina doesn't mean you are forever powerful and your energy is unlimited. Having a strong stamina means you keep pushing even if you are tired, you keep moving even if you are slow. So once you are tired... don't panic, it is normal, take a deep breathe and keep doing your thing.

4. FIX YOUR MIND IN THE PRESENT. Don't look for the future, don't look at the finish line, don't look at being successful. Just be in the moment and keep working, push your way to the top and never ever check results. Just be present and never anticipate the next happening. It's all about enjoying every second of your life... best or worse things you have to enjoy it to stay in the game. People with strong stamina doesn't care about finishing it so fast, they just enjoy every second of the process that is why they were able to complete the process. If you would love to fast forward the time... you will never be able to finish what you are doing.

5. DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. Sometimes you need to do what you don't want to do in order to improve the mental strength of your brain. Do something that is needed that makes you uncomfortable... that method will surely increase your stamina mentally and physically. Because if you were so used to feeling uncomfortable... you will be able to move despite of being tired or overwhelmed. So starting now.... do what you don't want to do to increase the mental strength of your brain.

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