June 11, 2017


Freedom is what everyone wants but they can't have it because they are making their lives complicated. They are making the word "freedom" elusive because of their daily activities and mindset. Being free is easy, you just need to make some basic adjustments to your life, change your approach and do what really makes you happy. Stop looking outside of yourself and keep being free.

1. Stay away from perfection. If you're a perfectionist... the tendency is you will not progress as fast as you can. Sometimes you will be even stuck in a mud. If you're trying to control everything then it means you already lost your freedom. Accept that you can never achieve perfection but still give your best. Don't dwell on small things that doesn't even matter. Don't sweat the small stuff, what you need is progress and freedom so if you are giving stress to yourself... you are not celebrating your freedom at all.

2. Forget the result. Just keep moving, that is the key to freedom. Forget the result, forget being phenomenal, what matters is you give your best and everything you got. Never mind if they will praise you or not, what matters is you do it your way and you let yourself make the important decisions. It's the journey not the destination, if you will keep on thinking about what will happen... you already jailed yourself with that negative thought. You will not become loose, you will always be cautious of what might happen. In other words, you are so conservative... you didn't give yourself the right amount of freedom you deserve.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you will always look at other people's achievements, looks, capabilities, success etc.... you will never feel good about yourself. You will never feel free, you will base your life on other people's lives and that is a crazy thing to do because it will diminish your happiness. If you really want to experience real freedom... just be yourself and celebrate who you are and what you have.

4. Don't think about the things that are very hard to get. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about big things but if you can't have it yet at the moment because you're not yet ready... don't feel bad, don't get so attached with your dreams that are not happening. It will happen in the right time, just keep doing what you do best and let the other things take care of itself. If it is for you then it will come to you, no need to worry so much if you are not making any progress at all.

5. Just give your best everyday. If you give your best you will have no regrets. Don't think about anything else, just give your best. If your purpose is to give your best then you will have freedom, you will be a single minded person, you will have direction and blue prints. It doesn't matter what you do, in anything that you do... give your best and you will feel free.

6. Minimize procrastination. If you're a procrastinator then you will feel heavy, you will feel attached, you will feel incomplete and lacking of something. Your mind is stressed, you feel like you can't do something. Having those feelings means you are not free, you are jailed in your own prison. So if you want to feel light and free... do something, stay active, do what you needed to do. Start now and finish fast.

7. Stay away from people that are bringing you down. People that are parasites, backstabbers and energy suckers are your downers. It will make you feel bad, you will feel incapable and not worthy, the way they treat you will destroy your confidence to make decisions and do something great. If you want to feel free more... choose the right people in your circle, make sure they are making you feel better all the time.

8. Just think about what is happening now. Being in the moment will make you free, your worries about future will go away. You will have more fun in life, you will enjoy every second. Don't think about what might happen later or tomorrow. What will happen will happen, don't control the circumstances. All you can do is be happy with what is happening, if you can't be happy then just wait for it to pass by but don't ever wish for the time to become faster because that will give you stress. Real freedom is living every second and not wanting to escape from it.

9. Start patronizing your own pattern. Follow your own path and instincts. Just because someone is doing good then you will follow what he's been doing. If you don't like the patterns of others then don't do it. Freedom is patronizing your own skills, ideas, patterns to become successful. You don't necessarily need to follow others even if they are doing better than you. If you follow your own path then it is the right path, your situation will become better in the long run if you stick with it.

10. Be happy if someone is succeeding. If you're jealous with other people's success then it means you're not free. You don't believe in yourself, you don't believe that you're also going to succeed. Jealous people are jailed by their own negativity. They can't become happy because they always envy others, their focus is on the lack and not on the possibility that they too can become successful. If you can't be happy with other people succeeding then just ignore them and do your own thing. Envy will take away your freedom forever if you let it control you.

11. Laugh at your critics. Another one best solution to become free is just laugh at your critics and haters. Don't let them bother you. Dwelling on them and fighting back will just make you feel bad. If you give them some attention then it means you have something to prove and that will take away your freedom, you will become scared to take risks and be yourself because you are always thinking that someone is watching you.

12. Just play. If you will learn that life is just a game and you should only have fun every second then everything will be easy for you. Don't worry about winning or losing, what matters is you have fun with it and it makes you feel good. Always think that you're just playing and there is no other meaning behind it. Play it right, have fun, don't entertain any pressure.

13. Remember that it is ok. Whatever happens, always keep in mind that everything is ok, everything will be alright. You will not die, you will not evaporate or something. To become free, you should have a mindset of nothing to lose. Take away the idea that you have something to keep. Remember that it is ok and you will always be ok no matter what.

14. Don't make money as your only happiness. Don't chase money, let it come to you but don't chase it. Chasing money will only take away your freedom because you will be attached with it. You will be so very busy getting it, you will feel bad if you don't earn a lot. It is ok to strive to become rich but never allow money to become your boss.

15. Stop impressing people. Stop striving to look good to other people because that will stop you from being you. You want to impress them so you will do things that are not in your vicinity. Impressing people will only build the fakeness in you. You will have a hard time living your life because you are always doing something ridiculous just to get their attention.

16, Be yourself no matter what. All you can do is be yourself, be yourself no matter even if they are not liking what you're doing. If you will live according to their impressions then you will lose your identity, you will feel that you don't have the freedom to do anything that you want to do.

17. Stop thinking too much. Just let go, stop thinking and you're already free. Freedom is just a state of mind, if you can just go with the flow and stop thinking about the next series of event then you're already free. Just live your life and don't dwell on small things that doesn't even matter. Overthinking will only give you stress.

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