June 20, 2017


There are lot of complicated rules spreading on the internet about how to become successful, actually being successful is very simple, it's just a little bit hard especially if you're not enjoying what you're doing. All you have to do is stick with your game plan and execute it until you become successful.

1. Start right away. Once there is an idea that enters your brain... start it right away, Start fast and execute fast. You don't need to wait for the perfect timing, there is no such thing as perfect timing, the right timing is always now and will always be now. Start it today, start slowly but start now. Because if you will start now... there is a big chance that you will never ever start. Quit talking, quit spreading your idea in facebook or instagram. Just start now because time is running and every second counts.

2. Work for 10 hours a day. A lot of people works for only 8-9 hours a day. They will not exert an effort yet they keep on complaining in life. If you will work for 10 or more hours a day then for sure you will be able to produce a different kind of result and that will build the work ethic that you needed to become successful, working for longer hours will make your motivation go stronger, it will give you a slight edge but that edge will play an important role to success. So after working at the office, why don't you work for an extra hour at your home or any place establishing your own business? I know you're tired but one hour is not that long.

3. Don't find the right people, attract the right people. Don't look for people, don't try to impress people. The right people will enter your life if you keep doing your thing. You will attract the right people that will help you to become successful. So stop associating yourself with the people that doesn't like you or doesn't serve you. Be ok walking alone because the right people will come in the end.

4. Kill jealousy. jealousy and being envy with other people will only slow you down. Any form of negativity will make you weak because you're not focus on what you do instead you focus on other people's lives which is a complete waste of time. Jealousy will destroy your creativity.

5. Don't think that it's the only thing you can do. You can push more, you can do more, you just don't believe in yourself and also, you're a little bit lazy. There is something bigger you can accomplish if you will push yourself and be a little bit confident.

6. Enjoy failing. I know it sounds weird but you really have to enjoy failing over and over again until you find the right formula for success. If you can enjoy failing then you're already winning because your losing streak will end in just a matter of time. Success is falling in line with failing, the only difference is... it is positioned at the end of the line.

7. Be generous to the right people. It's ok to become generous but be generous for the right people only. You don't need to share your blessing with everyone that doesn't even deserve your generosity. Some people are just using you so be aware of it.

8. Stay healthy. How can you work hard if you're not healthy?  Stay healthy and strong because your body is your number one capital for success. You will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor If your sick.

9. Focus on evolving. Just focus on getting better each day, forget about getting results because that will only make you frustrated once you didn't see it. Focus on evolving and keep working, that will bring you closer to success.

10. Learn to enjoy the process even if it is hard. Hard becomes easy if you will learn how to enjoy it. Every process that leads to success is hard, you cannot pick an easy path because an easy path will only lead to failure. Just have fun so everything will look easy.

 11. Stick with the basics. You don't need to complicate it, you just need to be consistent. Stick with what you know, forget about the useless details that looks good but produce weak results.

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