June 25, 2017


1. It is because you are building the habits of laziness. People who makes excuses are the laziest people in the world. They are delusional and they are making themselves believe that they are right. Never make excuses, it is either you do it or not. It's all about priorities, you need to choose what you need to do and that choice must be the best for your life. If you will keep on making excuses... you will never become productive, you will always be last on the line.

2. Excuses creates worries. "What if my excuse was not accepted?", "what if my boss got mad?". You will feel like a psychotic if you are always making excuses, you will never have a peace of mind. You will never be in the moment because you are always thinking about something. If you don't want to have worries in life... never make excuses. Just do it, taking actions will destroy your bad thinking habits, making a move will kill all your worries. So if you want to erase all the problems in your life... keep taking actions. Problems are all in your head, the only way to forget your problems and solve it is by keeping yourself busy.

3. Your mental toughness will become weak. Your ability to push will fade. Just a little discomfort will control your life, you will feel weak, you will feel like there is something stopping you everytime you want to take actions. In other words, you're already a bum, you become so lazy and confused.

4. You will become stressed even more. You are not enjoying your life anymore because you simply don't want to take actions. You wanted to do something but you can't do it because there is a war inside of your head that is going on. You wanted to do it but your excuse making ability is thriving in your system, it is controlling your life and there is nothing you can do about it.

5. You will get sick. Excuses will make you sick, everytime you need to exercise... you will just invent excuses such as... it is raining outside, your stomach is aching you're not feeling well, you have other things to do. Part of you wants to do it but your excuses is stopping you, you will get stressed, you will become sick because you are not moving. Inaction will make your body weak, it will make your body malfunction.

6. Your relationship with other people will be affected. A lot of people will get mad at you because you keep on promising something but you will never do it. People will lose interest in you because your credibility cannot be trusted. Even your closest friends... they knew that you cannot be trusted so they will never ask something from you anymore.

7. You will lose confidence in your abilities. You know you can do something but you know in yourself that when things gets difficult... you will make excuses to not continue anymore. You always knew from the very beginning that you can't finish something because you will always make excuses to not finish strong.

June 24, 2017


This is what most people hate... saving money, they just want to spend right away because they feel good while spending but what they don't know is that good feeling never last for so long, it only lasts for a few hours or even just minutes. You need to save money in order to have more freedom in life, you need to make sure your life is in check.

Saving money is not that difficult even if you have a low paying job. You just need to keep some and then don't spend it no matter what. Discipline is needed, you have to make a commitment that you will save money now and save money again in the future once you have the chance. The saving should never stop, it should be your routine. The key here is to fall in love saving money, Once you learn how to enjoy it... saving money will be very easy, you will become rich. Your life will be secured and you will enjoy a lot of options.

1. Don't buy sale items. Most people, once they say a sale item at the mall... they will immediately buy it. The "buy one take one" slogan is very powerful but you must not be persuaded but it so easily. Be smart in spending your money. Keep it and spend it for more important things. Remember that things are only nice when it's new but once it become a little old... you will not even touch it anymore. Don't be fooled by those slogans that will make you believe that you save money by buying it. "sale items", "buy one take one"... these slogans will not make you save money because you are still spending.

2. Starve yourself. Don't eat outside, just eat at your home so you will be able to save more money. Not only the food in your home is cleaner... you will also be amazed at how money you can save once you endure starving and just eating at your home.

3. Don't be jealous. You are force to buy a new cellphone because your office mates have nice cell phones. You are also forced to eat in a fancy restaurant because you saw in faebook that the food in a newly open restaurant is great. You want to try what other people is experiencing. You are so jealous that is why you can't save money. Just appreciate what you have and don't try to spend your money because you also want to have what other people have. Be smart, don't be fooled by your emotions.

4. Open a bank account. Open a bank account and save money as much as you can. Never touch the money you save, just use it when there is an emergency. If you don't want to open a bank account then use a piggy bank instead. Watch yourself money grow, it is fun. Once you see the numbers on your passbook growing or your piggy bank getting heavier... you will become more motivated to save money.  

June 23, 2017


If you can't get the results that you want it means your effort is not enough. It means there is something that you need to do that you're not doing. It means you're a little lazy and you're taking things for granted. Success is not about a little effort there and a little effort here. It is all about consistency, dedication and outworking your work yesterday. You need to double your efforts if you need to because that will make you one step closer to success.

Don't be afraid to exert more effort because for sure it will give you success and progress. What's wrong with getting tired a little bit? There is nothing wrong in working for a few more hours than your usual number of hours of work. You need to find that little advantage and you can gain it by doubling your effort. Double the hustle equals double the money, as simple as that.

A lot of people wants to create results but they are only willing to offer a minimal effort that doesn't even stretch them for a bit. You have to go further, you have to feel a little bit of discomfort in order to put yourself in a better position.

How to double your effort?
1. Associate yourself with people who are working hard too. If you will join the company of lazy people then for sure you're going to become lazy too, you will not be able to develop the habits of an effective person. You will absorb their lazy habits that will lead to failure. You must associate yourself with people who have strong desire to win so that you can copy their energy and habits to win in life. Get rid of the lazy person in your circle because he is not a good influence in your life.

2. Put an evolutionary pressure in yourself. Pressure yourself to work hard, you need to push yourself in order to stop being lazy. Find some crazy thoughts that will scare you and will enable you to take some actions. Thoughts such as you're going to fail or you're going to become broke. The higher the pressure, the more effective you will become.

3. Just focus. Forget about what is going on outside of yourself, just focus on what you're doing and try to bring it to the highest level. Never think about anything else other than the task that is infront of you. If something is bothering you... forget about it and just focus on your work. You don't need to confront anything that is bothering you, take a look at the bigger picture. Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want. If you are focus on what you're doing... you will forget everything that is not important.

4. Always be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts are playful, it may go anywhere, it will make you do the things that you don't need to do. Always be mindful of the thoughts that are running inside of your head and immediately strike out what is not helping you to move forward. Replace it with more productive thoughts so you can become more productive. Always entertain the healthier thoughts.

June 23, 2017


Of course everyone of you wanted to feel better, who doesn't?. It is the number one needs of a human being... how to feel happy and feel good everyday. But it won't happen, you must understand that there is a random thing, event or person that will annoy you one day. There is a sudden experience that will make you feel sad and hopeless. That is life, not everyday you will feel better. You have to accept that life is a roller coaster of emotions. One day you are happy, the other day you are sad. but the key to enjoying life even more is to minimize sadness by trying to take full control of your emotions. There are some things you can do to feel a little bit better when things gets hard.

1. Go to your favorite hobby. Sometimes you just need to take a break, you just need to entertain yourself to feel better again so that you can think clearly, your favorite hobby will make the time fast. You will forget anything bad that you are feeling. Did it ever happen to you when you were just a kid where you are feeling a little bit sick but when you go out and play with your friends, your sickness is miraculously gone? and when you come back at home you're feeling sick again? it is so funny right? Go to your favorite hobby to feel better so you can go back to your normal state again. It will help, just make sure that your hobby will not eat all of your time because it may backfire at you.

2. Look at all the blessings in your life. You're so lucky, you just didn't appreciate some of the blessings in your life. Take a look at all of your properties, the people around you and the position that you are in that a lot of people wants to have. There are millions of reasons to feel good, just look around and you will see that you have everything you want.

3. Move slowly but consistently. Sometimes you just need to move in order to build a new emotion in your system. If you feel so heavy, tired or sick. You will feel better if you are moving, walk slowly if you can, find something that will make your body move and do it slowly. You will find joy while moving, you will feel alive and great so keep moving. Always keep moving forward, find that little progress that you can produce. Don't stay on that rut forever because you will only feel worse. keep moving and find the happiness in every motion that you create.

4. Try to remember the good old days. Find the memory that makes you excited again, find a thought that will put a smile on your face. I am very sure that you have a very happy memory even if you're the maddest man in the world. Happiness is just a state of mind so rewind that memory that makes you smile over and over again so your body will feel better and all of the stress will be gone.

June 23, 2017


Leaving something hanging on the air creates tension, arguments and it makes you unable to progress. Never create a pending work. It is ok to put it tomorrow if you really can't do it and you already work for long hours but if you will just leave it for the sake of being lazy... common, grow up and do the right thing. You will have a slow and heavy life if you are a believer of pending.

Laundry, dishes, small projects, small tasks, just simply calling a friend because he's waiting for your answer and any other pending things that needs to be done right away... you keep on leaving it hanging on the air. Have you notice that the more you put your works on pending, the more it gives you bad feelings? you feel heavy, tired and stressed isn't it?

Just do the first step, it will feel better once you take the first step and finally get the momentum rolling. Because if you will not do the tasks that you are suppose to do.. you will lose credibility, people won't trust you anymore. A lot of people will get mad at you, your life will become a complete mess because deep inside you want to do it but you can't. The habit of being lazy and slow is already embedded into your system that is why you can't even take a small action.

I was scammed by a car painter before, that bum was suppose to do the finishing of my car paint but what he does is he keeps on telling me that he will just do it tomorrow. Then I finally got sick and tired of his promises and go for another service. The later I found out that the car painter was finally got fired from his job. See, that's what will happen if you keep things hanging on the air... your life will become a complete mess, you will have no direction. Your life is full of shit and it seems like you're stuck in mud and you can't get out of it.

You will become happier if you will do it right away. It's like the thorns in your throat will be removed, it's like the big rock that you are carrying at your back will be gone. In other words, the burden will totally be gone once you do the right things.

So create the habits of doing it right away now before you become a lazy ass person. Do it even if you don't feel like doing it. Because that is the only way to get ahead in life... taking massive actions and doing it fast. Trust me, you will never regret it once you did it even if it feels so heavy. You will feel really good once you finish a task that you don't want to start.

Forget about the time, forget about finishing it fast. Just start it and enjoy doing it, that is the key how to become a hardworking person... you just start it and let the momentum carry on.

June 23, 2017


You're not perfect and you will never become. I know you have some bad habits that you can't remove in your system even if you know that those habits are not helping you. It's ok if you really don't want to get rid of those habits, just make sure you're a professional so you can support your bad habits.

If you're a drinker, of course you need some money to buy those drinks. But you can only have money of you have a decent job. So if you don't want to give up your drinking then go and look for a job. Make sure it will support your vices. Because if not... your life will suck, you will become very poor, your life will be misaligned. It's ok to drink but make sure you will do your job tomorrow on time, make sure you will still manage to give your best even though you have a hangover. Because it is not your vices that is the issue here, it is can you still do your job despite of not feeling well.

If you have a bad habit of staying awake at night because of doing a lot of useless activities... ok do it but make sure you will still come to the office tomorrow on time, make sure you will still be productive and your boss will not experience a problem from you. You still have to focus on your work and give your best to avoid losing your job because what gives you income will be your backbone for doing all the activities that you wanted to do.

It is better if you can remove those bad habits or at least try to minimize them because you will really have a hard time balancing your work and your bad habits. But some people, despite of having bad habits... they are still good in their work which is a good thing. Sometimes their bad habits fuels them and gives them energy... I don't know how they do it but it looks like they are very effective with their vices.

Professionalism should be your number one focus, you must act like a real professional if you want to stay on the game. You must do all of your responsibilities because if you got kick out of your job or your client back out because of your unwanted behavior... you will have a very hard time in your life. You will not be bale to do the things that you wanted to do. Your actions will be limited and you will be lost.

1. Always be on time. Even if you feel bad, even if your body is not on good condition because of being tired because of your useless activities... still work, still give your best and act like a normal person who is capable of doing something great. Endure the bad feelings because you are the one who created it for yourself.

2. Never complain. Never complain about the tasks that you think is hard. It looks had because you're not feeling well. Just do it until it is done and never try to slow down in work. 

3. Be a strong finisher. Always finish fast with high quality of work. Never make an excuse that you didn't sleep well or you have a hangover. It is your choice to do your bad habits so you have the price to pay. Finish strong and amaze the people around you.

June 22, 2017


There are lot of motivators out there, they will tell you what to do, some are fraud, some just want to become popular or get some money. But a real motivator is not someone that can force you to move but someone who will show you the reality and another dimension in life. He will give you some inputs that you can use and is very effective. Anyway, enough of my shitty intro, I just wanted to move and finish this article, but these people are really good and will give you some advises or information that you can use in your life. Just search them in you tube or something and you will see their names.

RSD (Real social Dynamics) - Talks about reality, fighting your emotions, tricking your brain, speaks the truth, their main focus is to simply make yourself move and stop being lazy. They don't care about getting rejected, all they want is for you to take actions that will put you in a better position. Sometimes they use harsh words but it will wake you up. They don't care about making mistakes, they want you to become confident and have the authority over your fears. They also give dating advise. They were so unique and can really make you feel guilty about not taking actions.

Tony Robins - Brain programming, peak state, massive action. He is one of the most successful motivators in the world. He is a millionaire, he also have great materials and references. He can inspire you. He is the real deal because he is rich, successful and known by many. His voice alone can make you believe, he has a very nice tone that is full of boldness and deepness.

Jim Rohn - Law of attraction, law of averages, has biblical touch, he is funny too. He mix spirituality with success. He is also very successful that is why a lot of people believe him, he has the life to back up all of his teachings. Tony Robins know him well, this guy can make you take actions and reflect on your life.

Abraham Hicks - Easeness and flow, not trying hard, focus. She is funny, for other people who can't get what she's saying... she will look weird but it is proven that her words are effective and can be use in your daily life. She is so unique, she talks about vortex and momentum a lot which is really true if you will apply them in your life .

Elliot Hulse - More of your body, strength, mental toughness. He knows all the solutions in life, he will even answer your questions if he accidentally picked it in the section comment on his you tube channel. He is very entertaining and can inspire you too. He is one of the modern motivators that can give you wonderful advises in life.

Eric Thomas - Talks about pain, sacrifice and dedication. He is so energetic, he has a lot of powerful words that was not heard before. He is so charismatic and has a lot of powerful quotes, listen to him and you will see how weak you are.

Les Brown - He has a very nice voice, very powerful motivator, talks about his experiences in life. He is so successful too, if you listen to him once, you will never say that it is the last.

June 22, 2017


You don't know how someone feels, you do not know what is holding him back, you don't know how difficult it is for him to make the first move, you don't know the real story so don't be harsh on him if he can't move. It's his life, he will be the one to suffer if he keep on acting like a scared puppy. And one more thing, you have your own life so just focus on your life and forget about the problems of others.

If you keep on pushing someone to move and arrange his life, the tendency is that person will not act. He will be scared even more, he might even shit on his pants. He is already scared so don't force him to do it, let him do it naturally. What if you're the one on his position, how will you feel? Let the guy be scared for his own good. Let him destroy his own life because of not taking actions, you don't know how he feels, you don't know how terribly scared he is so don't judge him. There is nothing you can do to motivate him. The more you push someone, the more he will not follow you.

Sometimes you want to make someone's life better by giving him the advise that you think is right for him, what you don't know is you are only making life more difficult for him. He is getting confused even more, he is feeling the pressure, don't blame the guy if he has a weak guts. All you can do is let him be what he wanted to be, after all he owns his life, he knows what is best for him.

Any man knows what he needs to do, he just don't want it because he is so lazy, scared and thinking too much. A man who can't take actions is suffering from "wishing I could restart my life" syndrome. He is full of regrets, he is thinking about past or maybe he want to fix his life right away but he knew it won't happen, he wants fast fix too without undergoing any kind of process that is why he is stuck in a moment and he can't get out of it.

The best thing to do is just give the person who is so scared the freedom that he needs. Let him make decisions on his own because he is peeing on his pants everytime he feels that he needs to take some action. He is so scared to death, he may have a heat attack right now so let him breathe some air. After all, he is the one who puts his life into that ugly position so let him solve it on his own.

There are some instances where you need to get hard to someone so that you can force him to take actions but sometimes it also won't work. You can't teach a scared dog some new tricks, just let him be because if he really wants to change his life then he will do something about it.

You also have your own problems so it is best to just focus on your own life and do what is best for you. Stop thinking about other people's situation because your problem will only doubled. It is better to inspire him naturally by being successful, it is better if you will wait for him to ask some help from you but if not... don't offer because he will only get annoyed, he may even get mad at you even if your concern is to help him.

June 22, 2017


Some people will tell you that taking a bath after exhausting yourself is bad. I don't know if it is true, some people say it's bad, some people say it's not. But the truth is... it is only bad if it is affecting you. If it is not hurting you then it is not bad for you. Sometimes you have to see it for yourself, sometimes you have to take the risk in order to know something because at the end of the day... you will never know unless you try.

Some people say that it is useless to keep going if there are no results that are showing. But how you will know if you will not keep going? How will you know if you will not go to the extreme? sometimes the result will only show at the last try, at the deepest place, at the most frustrating day. You have to keep trying because it is not bad if it is not affecting you, if you're life is still in good place, if you can still eat 2 or three times a day, if you can still find that hope to keep going... you need to pursue that dream, it is only bad if it is killing you but if it is not... then you have to keep continue doing it. 

A lot of people were very good in judging a situation, a lot of people knows what is best for you but they don't know what is best for themselves. If you want to try something because you need to try it for some reason... try it. Don't ever think about the traditional information that will stop you from doing what you need to do. You will only know that it is bad if it hurts you in some ways. But if you feel like it will not affect you and your life will become better after trying it then try it. don't hesitate, don't think about anything else. You will only know it after trying it so go ahead and do what you need to do. 

The truth is... if it is bad to other people it doesn't mean that it is going to be bad for you either because your life is different from them. Your body, mind and energy is unique. What works for you might not work for them vice versa. 

So go ahead and try, follow your instincts, follow your heart that is telling you to do it. There is no harm in trying unless you're harmed. There are lot of mysteries that you need to solve, you need to conquer your fear if you want to experience life even more. 

Have the courage to try it but make sure that you will not get disappointed if you didn't like the results. The key here is prepare yourself to not get disappointed once you try something risky. It's a 50/50 ball game, nobody really knows what will happen unless you push yourself and take chances.

And even if your decision is wrong... you will not regret it because you try and you didn't take things for granted, you did your best to get what you want and you didn't hold back.

June 22, 2017


Time is your most valuable tool if you want to become successful. You cannot buy time, all you can do is use it and if you will not use it the right way... you will rush in the end, you will have regrets, you will not see what is possible in your life. In other words, you will ran out of time and you will become a failure.

Collect those minutes of chatting with your fake friend in facebook and use it for a more productive activity. Collect those minutes you use in stalking somebody in social media and use it to make your life better. It is just a matter of using your time the right way and putting yourself in an activity that has more benefits in the future. Discipline is the key to success, not talent, not connections or luck. If you can collect the minutes that you wasted and use it to make your life better then you will succeed.

The power of little by little is so strong. You think you're just wasting a few minutes now, you think that it is ok to just relax a little bit and do something stupid but if you will sum up those minutes that you've wasted.. you will learn that it's unacceptable, you will learn that if you only use it for something productive then maybe you're a little bit successful now.

I'm not saying that totally forget everything and become a weirdo focusing on success. The point here is you should minimize the time wasting activities that you are engaging with if you really want to achieved an improvement. It's hard but once you see the small benefits that it is bringing into your life... you will love it, you will become obsess with the little progress that you are making.


For at least ten days, become the most productive that you can ever be, everything that you do... it should have an equivalent success that is waiting in the future. Don't do something stupid or time wasting acts that only gives you temporary pleasure but misery in the future. During the ten day experiment, give our best, push yourself. That is the starting point where you build your habits and forge some momentum that will make you attract success. During that time span, you will discipline yourself like you never did before, endure all the boredom and misery that changing yourself gives to you. While doing something, never stop it until you're done, build the mental toughness that will make you refrain from being tempted to do something useless.

After that ten day experiment, you will notice a different change in your life, you will feel better, you will feel stronger, smarter and confident. It is simply because you are using your life the right way, you are extending your limitations and you keep expanding like never before. 10 days is very short, you can do it because time is so fast, you better start now and just simply enjoy the process.

June 22, 2017


Some people are programmed the right way that is why they can do things easily, they make the hard things looks easy as 1 2 3. They can work things out, they can find solutions to any problems. Because they were programmed that way, they have the habits, they have the mindset that makes them successful at anything.

Some people are very good in sports because they came from a sports family, their parents trained them to become an athlete, they were supported by their parents. It is already on their blood, it is their life that is why they are so good. They are program that way, their beliefs were already strengthen since they were young, their skills were already sharpen since day one, their environment is basically about athletics that is why they were so good and everything looks easy for them.

So if you find yourself having a difficulty in something and you're so jealous at other because they can do it easily effortlessly without sweating... don't feel sad because you're just not programmed that way. You are programmed differently, you can do other things easily, there is a skill that is matched with your DNA.

But don't worry because it is not late for you, you can also program your DNA the way you want it to be programmed. You can practice, you can work hard in anything that you want to be good at. You can visualize and work for it everyday until you become great at it. Everything that is hard in the beginning will look easy in the end if you are consistent enough and serious at your work. It is just a matter of dedication and relentlessness. The more you focus on something, the more you become better at it.

Don't be scared to try, even if you are overwhelmed,... still try it, try and try until become a little bit better. Getting better is all about practice and pushing yourself a little bit than yesterday. You will not notice that you are getting better because it is really a slow process, you will notice it in the long run.

So forget about how good other people were, forget about if you're behind and you're on the last line. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Start fast and finish strong. You better make yourself better now because every second counts, every effort will make a huge contribution to your success.


1. Think about what you wanted to be and take massive actions to become it.
2. Consistency and patience. You need to endure a lot of tough challenges and stressful situations while you're on the process of programming yourself. Again, forget if it is hard, just do it and never care about what may happen next.
3. Always be closer to what you want, you need to vibrate with the same energy of your dreams.
4. Take risks, always find a way how to level up, even if it is just a small progress... take it.

June 21, 2017


What do you want comfort or freedom? you cannot choose both because they contradict one another. You know why? because you can only achieve freedom by being uncomfortable. Experiencing a lot of discomfort is the price you pay by choosing freedom. Poor people always gets comfortable everyday, I don't know why they are always complaining but the truth is they are so comfortable drinking everyday, watching TV for 12-16 hours, doing stupid stuffs that doesn't contribute to their growth yet they still manage to complain. They didn't even experience some pressure in life because they were so comfortable.

And when they don't have money anymore... they will borrow it from someone else like their boss or a friend, and that makes them lose their own freedom, they were tied up with something that makes their cycle repeat over and over again. That is why they can't leave their shitty jobs even if they don't like it, their job gives them freedom, it gives them some money to give them comfort.

But if you will choose freedom, a freedom of having no boss, having no strict schedule to follow then you have to get uncomfortable, you have to establish your own business or empire that will give you so much freedom and flexibility. Yes, it is uncomfortable because you don't know when will the money come, you don't know when will it blossom but the good thing about it is... no one can command you, no one can force you to do things that you don't like. You can take a vacation anytime you want to.

Look at a bench player in some popular sports... he is not having the freedom to play but he is so comfortable sitting on the bench, he will not experience any pressure in life because he is just a spectator, no one will blame because he is not even playing. He is so comfortable getting his monthly salary but he doesn't have the freedom to play, his coach will only use him if he is in a good mood, he might even be traded anytime the president of the team wants to. What a poor life, comfortable but not being treated right.

So if you want freedom... work hard, be the best that you can be so people will treat you right. always choose freedom because you can make the decision that you want, no one will decide things for you. You can take matters into your own hands. No one can tell you what to do. But of course, you know the price to pay to achieve freedom, it's a lot of hardwork and sacrifice, it's a lot of stressful situations that will turn into beauty in the end. So don't be afraid to get uncomfortable, don't be afraid to get tired and establish your own business or empire. Having freedom is what a lot of people wants to get but they are not willing to work for it. The formula is very simple... work super hard and become better until people can't deny you anymore.

June 21, 2017


If you want a new life then you should redefine your life. Change they way you look at your life, change your behaviors, perceptions, habits and initial thoughts about different things.

If change can't be done then you should completely wash away your past, summon a different perspective and different type of energy that you haven't experience from the past. It's all about reprogramming your mind and traveling a different path. If what you're doing in the past is not working, if you're so frustrated in your life then it is time to redefine your life. You can change the people in your circle if you want to especially if they are not helping you out to become a better person, you can change job, change home, you can change everything. Your life will change if you change 90 percent of it, that includes behaviors, routines, thoughts and the people in your circle.

Because if you will not do it now then when? when will you redefine your life and experience the better things? time is running out, you thought that you can change next month or next year huh? how many times you told yourself that lie before?

Become the director of your life, don't let others direct it for you because you will not like the result. You have the power to change, you can always make something happen. You just don't have the work ethic and tenacity yet to change but you can have those qualities if you are willing to commit.

Do some harder and more exciting things, push yourself, become the best that you can be. You can be someone else, someone who is a winner and succeeding in life. It is just a matter of wanting it so bad that you don't consider any adversity as a problem anymore. You consider everything as a challenge that you must overcome in order to reach another level.

If your past is bad.. forget it, what matters is today, what matters is what you're doing today. You can always make a dramatic change in your life, forget everything bad that happened to you, forget your mistakes and shortcomings.

Project a self image that you really want in your life and never change it. Live with it forever, don't be afraid of what people say because they will always have something to say no matter what. Even if you're the kindest person in the world... they will always say something nasty about you. Just live yourself image and let the transformation happen.

Be disciplined, you know what habits and actions that will make you successful, you know what type of pace and cycle that will give you the best things in life. If you wanted to change you must have rituals and habits that will at least improve your current situation, you can make it happen, discover the flow, redefine your life now. It is only difficult in the beginning, once you repeated it a lot of times... things will become very easy.

June 21, 2017


Weathering the storm is all about waiting, sometimes you don't have to do anything, you just need to wait for the problems to go away by itself. But of course it is much better if you will take positive actions, the storm will go away faster if you will take actions that will put you in a better position.

A lot of people quit because they are not patient, they think that the problems will stay there forever, the truth is... no problem can destroy you if you don't let it to. Just endure it, enjoy it if you can and just laugh at life. Tough times never last, tough people do. Make solutions and take actions. Problems are there to strengthen you and not to weaken you.

Stay positive and keep moving forward, life is a roller coaster. It will surprise you, it is full of randomness and if you don't have the ability to adapt... you're in big trouble, you will lose your power and you will be lost.

Don't let emotions ruin you, just feel it but don't dwell on it too much and make it a big deal. It will pass, any storm in your life will pass, anyone can survive any problem if he is not willing to give up. A problem may it be small or big is still only a problem, don't make it a big deal, it is part of your life. You need to process the pain and do something about it, you can even just ignore it if you like to.

Don't try to escape the storm, just let it pass, don't try to force it to go away because the more you resist the more it will persist. Just find the little things that will make you appreciate life even more. Keep entertaining yourself with small activities that will keep your mind in check. Guard your mind, don't let too much negative thoughts enter it because you might go crazy. Don't dwell on dramas, don't look for sympathy. Just maintain a strong image and be mentally tough for yourself and for other people that is counting on you.

It's ok to get sad, it's normal but never let your problem destroy you and put you in a dark room that you can't escape. Destroy your problems by simply feeling it and reminding yourself that it will pass in just a matter of time. Stay hopeful, stay active.

Sometimes even if your problem is there, if you don't feel anything about it anymore... it's like it's gone. Have you ever seen someone who has a big problem but can still afford to smile? maybe they don't feel about it anymore, that makes it very easy for them to forget their problems.

If you are always positive and you know that any storm in life is just normal... you can cope up easily, you can move on so fast and you can let the better things in life visit your door again.

June 21, 2017


If you want to have a very fast progress in life, if you want to make sure that success will come into your life... watch your work only. Don't watch the work of other people, don't watch the work of celebrities or any other popular personalities... watch your work only. You are your own idol, you are your own spectator. That is what most successful people do... they are only concern about their work and progress. They never bother looking at other people's business. Because that is very time consuming, if you will watch the most awaited game, grand finals of american idol, the State of the nation address of your president, the latest gossips etc. then you will lose your focus. That time you spent watching other people's lives is insane, you are wasting a lot of time that is why your progress is very slow.

It is ok to watch some TV but not for so long, just watch to relax but don't make it a hobby. Your focus should be at least 90% about your life and growth, don't use your other time watching other people's work because it will not even give you something. If you can earn from doing it then why not? but you can't so stop doing it.

Living life to the fullest is about focusing on yourself, improvement and growth. It is about celebrating your skills and making it grow as much as you can. It is about pursuing goals and sticking to it no matter what... that is how you should live your life. Because your time is limited, if you will waste your time a lot then you will have a lot of regrets in the end. You will never even see your prime, when you grow old, you will think about the time you wasted and you will wish that you can bring it back but it will never happen.

Of course it is hard to leave your old habits and focus mainly on your life, it is very boring in the beginning. You might even last for only 1 or two hours straight and you would love to check other people's lives again. You would love to watch sports, showbiz, tv series, open the facebook to gather the latest trend etc. There is nothing wrong with that but if you can limit those useless activities as much as possible then you will have greater results in life. It is only boring in the beginning, once you find the joy in anything that you do and you feel the progress... you will be addicted to your own activities and you will not care about other people anymore.

Look at the most successful people in the world... they only care about their work, they don't know any other activities that is not related with their journey. So if you want to become successful, focus on you work, watch your work and watch it grow.

June 21, 2017


1. Stay away from alcohol, food or drugs. Instant pleasures won't solve your depression, they will only worsen it. Food will make you fatter that will make your more feel bad about yourself, alcohol and drugs will only numb the pain but it will give you a lot of side effects. It will ruined your mind, you will be attracted to wrong direction which will only make your problems bigger. Those things will only make your forget your problem for a little time but it will make you depressed even more. Look at those celebrities who use drugs and alcohol as a problem solver... they freak out and they can't come back to their old life anymore.

2. Action. Just take action, take micro steps to entertain yourself and forget your problem. Any positive action that will give benefits will make you forget your problem easily. Taking action will make your heal fast because it will make your time faster, if you are so busy... you will forget your problems and you will be able to recover faster than expected.

3. Exercise. Just run or walk or jog. If you are sweating you will feel good, the level of depression will go down. You will feel lighter, everytime you push yourself and sweat... good feelings will come out, try it to see for yourself. Exercise is the best medication to any kind of pain emotionally and physically.

4. Meditation. Just breathe and meditate, basic meditation is mainly focusing on your breathing. Inhale and exhale, this will clear your mind from negativity. You will feel better, relaxed and sometimes you will even appreciate life even more. You will appreciate that breathing alone is a blessing.

5. Talk about it to the closest people in your life but not a lot. It is better if you will be able to express yourself and let your feelings out. Tell it to the closest people in your life, they will listen and might give you some good advise that you can use. But don't talk to it a lot because they might get annoyed at you. Just talk about it for just once or twice, release it and move on.

6. Find something where you can grow. It can be anything that you can place your focus. It can be arts, sports, business, etc. Find something that will make you forget your past. Be good at it, become the best so you will feel good about yourself and you will see your real value. Pick something and use your time and energy to get better each day.

7. Join a contest that requires endurance. You can channel your anger into contests like marathon, triathlon, survivor, body building or anything that requires persistence. This will make you mentally stronger. You will feel how strong you are, you will see that you can defeat any challenges in life, you will discover your real power. It will also allow you to forget the problems you have because you are so focused on the challenges. Stay competitive, you will find happiness while competing.

8. Strengthen your spirituality. Go to your religion, pray. It doesn't matter what kind of believe you have, you should feed your spiritual energy so you will never feel alone and your hope will never die.

9. Make yourself good looking. Ugliness can strengthen your depression so if you are not taking care of yourself and people are noticing it.. you will become depressed even more. The more you look at the mirror and you don't like what you are seeing... you will become more emotionally hurt. You will feel bad about yourself, your confidence will go down. Groom yourself, make yourself more appealing so that you will feel good about yourself and it will be easier for you to forget your problem. There are some people who have problems but still manage to take care their looks.

June 21, 2017


What you feel is what you are, what you are feeling right now plays a major role on what is happening right in front of your face. If you feel good the the results will be good, if you feel bad then the results will look bad, as simple as that. Look at a team struggling to cut the lead... they look frustrated, they look very tired and that is why they cannot manage to cut the lead until the game ends.

When you say you wanted to win, that should be congruent to your feelings, you can't say you wanted to win but all you fear inside is fear... that will only create confusion and chaos, you will never achieve the result you wanted. You are allowed to feel fear but you should be able to tame that fear while the competition or your journey is going on. Anything that you say should be sincere with you heart or else you will never succeed.

Because your heart knows if your mouth is lying, if you are saying something half heartedly... you will never attract what you want, the manifestation will never happen. If you want to attract something, you should feel good, confident and sure. You should have no doubts, fear or hesitation. Your mind should be free from fear and worries.

What you wanted to attract will only come into your life if you are so confident, happy and sure. So program your mind to think positively and forget all the fears and worries that you maybe feeling right now.


1. Don't force it. Just ignore the negative feelings because it will subside, don't force to get confident because it will never happen, just wait for a few minutes, you must direct your thoughts to things that empowers you, go to your strengths. Remember who you are and what you want. Go to the smallest thing that you can do for the moment that gives you happiness.

2. Focus on what you can control. What you can control is your thoughts, emotions and actions. Forget about what other people are doing and thinking. Focus on giving your best and let the other things take care of itself.

3. Take it slow. Always be in the moment, forget about the next sequence, take it slow because you will be able to think clearly and make the right actions if you are not rushing. Always stay on your own pace and forget about the people that might get mad at you because you are slow. Remember that you wanted to feel good at the moment so it's your emotions that you should be worry about.

4. Gather some fresh air. Learn to breathe, breathe deeply because breathing is life, it will give you good feelings. It will make your body more loose, your body language will become better if you breathe. A lot of people almost forgot to breathe that is why they are panicking and stressed, breathing alone can give yout negative emotions. The air is free, have as much as you want.

June 20, 2017


Sometimes you feel like giving up because it is so hard to become successful especially if there are no signs of progress. But the what you don't know is that little feeling of still wanting to take actions is already a sign of progress. It is already a sign that you will become successful in the end. Of course you don't know when will your hardwork payoff but your intention itself to continue and push hard to realize your dreams is already a sign that you need to keep going. That little urge in your heart even if defeat is swallowing your faith... that little urge is the best sign that you will be able to make it in just a matter of time.

It doesn't matter what your situation is. If you're at the bottom, relax, your position will change if you have the right attitude and proper work ethic. It's just a matter of taking consistent baby steps. Your intention is more important than your situation. If you have a vision to become successful and get what you want, it doesn't matter if you're feeling bad right now, it doesn't matter if you're so down and you don't know what to do. The only question is... do you really believe your work, do you really believe that it will work in the end? because if not, then you better stop it now because you're just wasting your time.

Always focus on your goal, always focus on taking actions. Never look for the progress because it will only stop you from working, once you see that you're not progressing then you will feel bad. Your motivation will go down and sometimes you will think about quitting which is not a good option because you already done a lot of things to be in your position now.

If you are feeling stressed, if you are feeling pressured... forget about it. Remember your intention, remember what you wanted to achieve and that is the most important thing to keep in mind. Never believe in what you feel especially if it is negative. Always look for the thought that helps you and keeps you in the right track.

You only feel weak because you can't see any progress yet and you are so sick and tired of your situation. But that situation will only change if you will focus on your intention, you're so focused on your ugly situation that is why you feel bad, that is why you can't take massive action. Sometimes it is not the most detailed and proper action that will change your situation, sometimes it is simply the right amount of effort even if your process is very simple. In other words, just take pure and massive action to change your situation.

Keep reminding yourself about your intention so that your brain will shift on the other side, so that you will feel better instead of feeling bitter.

The key here is patience and increasing your belief, wait for a little more and time and keep working hard. Just give it a year or two before you quit and before you do that always make sure that you give everything you got.

June 20, 2017


There are lot of complicated rules spreading on the internet about how to become successful, actually being successful is very simple, it's just a little bit hard especially if you're not enjoying what you're doing. All you have to do is stick with your game plan and execute it until you become successful.

1. Start right away. Once there is an idea that enters your brain... start it right away, Start fast and execute fast. You don't need to wait for the perfect timing, there is no such thing as perfect timing, the right timing is always now and will always be now. Start it today, start slowly but start now. Because if you will start now... there is a big chance that you will never ever start. Quit talking, quit spreading your idea in facebook or instagram. Just start now because time is running and every second counts.

2. Work for 10 hours a day. A lot of people works for only 8-9 hours a day. They will not exert an effort yet they keep on complaining in life. If you will work for 10 or more hours a day then for sure you will be able to produce a different kind of result and that will build the work ethic that you needed to become successful, working for longer hours will make your motivation go stronger, it will give you a slight edge but that edge will play an important role to success. So after working at the office, why don't you work for an extra hour at your home or any place establishing your own business? I know you're tired but one hour is not that long.

3. Don't find the right people, attract the right people. Don't look for people, don't try to impress people. The right people will enter your life if you keep doing your thing. You will attract the right people that will help you to become successful. So stop associating yourself with the people that doesn't like you or doesn't serve you. Be ok walking alone because the right people will come in the end.

4. Kill jealousy. jealousy and being envy with other people will only slow you down. Any form of negativity will make you weak because you're not focus on what you do instead you focus on other people's lives which is a complete waste of time. Jealousy will destroy your creativity.

5. Don't think that it's the only thing you can do. You can push more, you can do more, you just don't believe in yourself and also, you're a little bit lazy. There is something bigger you can accomplish if you will push yourself and be a little bit confident.

6. Enjoy failing. I know it sounds weird but you really have to enjoy failing over and over again until you find the right formula for success. If you can enjoy failing then you're already winning because your losing streak will end in just a matter of time. Success is falling in line with failing, the only difference is... it is positioned at the end of the line.

7. Be generous to the right people. It's ok to become generous but be generous for the right people only. You don't need to share your blessing with everyone that doesn't even deserve your generosity. Some people are just using you so be aware of it.

8. Stay healthy. How can you work hard if you're not healthy?  Stay healthy and strong because your body is your number one capital for success. You will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor If your sick.

9. Focus on evolving. Just focus on getting better each day, forget about getting results because that will only make you frustrated once you didn't see it. Focus on evolving and keep working, that will bring you closer to success.

10. Learn to enjoy the process even if it is hard. Hard becomes easy if you will learn how to enjoy it. Every process that leads to success is hard, you cannot pick an easy path because an easy path will only lead to failure. Just have fun so everything will look easy.

 11. Stick with the basics. You don't need to complicate it, you just need to be consistent. Stick with what you know, forget about the useless details that looks good but produce weak results.

June 20, 2017


There is no right or wrong when it comes to getting results, if it is giving you results then keep doing it but if not... then just stop.

Because if you will keep on thinking about the process that will give you results... you will be stuck, you will always worry, always think and that is a bad thing if you are trying to forge some progress in your journey. Just look for something that is giving you a little result and keep doing it. It is ok to have some flaws in your process, it is ok if your process is not perfect and not sound, if it is giving you a little result then don't be shy to repeat it over and over again.

A lot of people can't make any progress because the moment they see that their process is not working and not perfect.. they will stop it right away, they will consider it as a bust or failure, they will not give it a chance and do it for a long time. And that is why there are lots of failures in this world, a lot of people are quitters. And even if they are making a small progress... they don't want it, they want something big so fast that will only lead to failing.

If something is giving you just a little progress.. don't get tired of using it, it will improve in the future, you will be able to figure out how to upgrade it. So keep trying, keep working, it's only just a matter of time before you win in life. It is a matter of staying with your grind and finding ways how to become better each day. Long hours of work will result to long term success, be patient and do your best while waiting.

Don't ever stop until you reach that different kind of level of success. Don't stop even if the pace is slow, this is a marathon not a race. Some people get it fast then they also fall down fast, it's ok to become slow, there is nothing wrong with it for as long as you are consistent and the drive is very strong.

Because you will get faster and faster each day if you keep on doing it, you'll get better and better and that will make you attract success, that will make you move to the higher ladder. It's all about repetition of the process that is giving you small amount of success. Repeating it over and over again until it brings you huge success in the later stage.

You have to trust your process until the end, you have to go harder each day, beat your records yesterday and simply enjoy the boredom of repetition. Sometimes it is really boring but you will become even bored if you will start another process again from the very beginning.

If it is giving you results then continue using it, don't look for another complicated process that you will not even stick until the end. Just make it simple, make it consistent and keep working and believing.

June 20, 2017


Emotion can be a powerful tool if you use it in the right way but if the emotions that are coming out of you is anger, hatred, jealousy, frustration, arrogance and ego then you will fail. You will be out of control, you will make a lot of mistakes. You might even hurt someone or simply destroy your own journey. It's ok to get emotional if that emotion is positive such as excitement, positive anxiousness, happiness or any kind of good feelings.

If you're emotional in a negative way.. that will backfire at you, you will not be able to focus on what you're doing. If someone is annoying you and you give him any attention... you already lost. Example, if you're too angry at the traffic... chances are you might fight with someone or cause an accident, you might escape any accident but the stress that you experience is so heavy and strong.

If you are a competitor and your opponent is playing mind games on you... if you give it any attention or if you feel bad about it... you already lost, you will not be able to show your real game, your game plan has already been broken, what angers you controls you so your game is already depending on someone's hands. You are not playing your real game anymore.

It applies in any kind of activity, if you're too emotional then you will not be able to focus, you will have negative reactions that will stop you from winning. A lot of people were good but they let their emotions control them that is why they can't win in life. Don't get too emotional, don't be so sensitive, stay on your game and just simply show your best.

You should have the ability to kill any emotion that is not giving you an edge, emotions such as fear, doubts, anger, wanting to have revenge, wanting to prove yourself. Those kinds of feelings will make you weak, you will not be able to express your true self because all you want is to prove to everyone that you're a better person. There is no point in proving yourself if you know who you are.

Have the ability to control your emotions, always be aware if you are feeling bad and do something to replace that emotion right away. If you are scared, entertain the thoughts that will lessen the fear, if you are nervous, just think about happy thoughts, if you are angry just learn how to manage that anger by simply thinking if it is really a big deal. People got angry fast because of pride, they thought that they need to act tough and brave. They don't want someone stepping on their ego but when they already made a big mistake... they will regret it in the end.

He who masters his real emotion is a real master. If you can control your emotion especially the negative ones then you will have a better and peaceful life, much better if you can create your emotions such as happiness and excitement, it is your body and system, you can produce any emotion you want if you want to.

June 20, 2017


Don't be scared to push because by doing that... you will see the real you, you will be able to know how good you can be, you will see your purpose, you will see your prime, you will even be surprised by the things that you thought you can't do before.

If you want to reach another level... keep pushing because if you will not push yourself then you will remain the same person as yesterday, you will not level up, you will not grow. And the sad thing about not evolving is... you will feel like a failure, you will feel weak and hopeless. The feeling of stagnancy is always there, it feels like you're in jail and you want to get out but you can't because you don't want to face the pain of pushing.

You don't need to push hard so fast. Just push a little each day, make sure you are feeling a little bit of discomfort. Because if everything is easy... then it means you are not gaining something, it means you're just fooling yourself, evolution is not happening if you're not pushing.

You will be able to see the things that you haven't seen before if you're pushing, you will see the other side of yourself that you thought was not there. There is a kind of magic when you're pushing, it is like uncovering the power that was hidden for a long time, it is being able to see the magic and beauty of life.

You will beat mediocrity if you are pushing, you will not become like others who all want is to become comfortable, they want a very easy life that is why their life becomes hard. If you do what is hard your life will become easy. Pushing creates miracles, it beats any boundaries, you become something else, you will be able to upgrade your quality of life. Even if you thought you were already defeated... if you push yourself then you will be able to create a shocking comeback, the world will get shocked, they knew you were defeated but here you are... still putting yourself in the best position to win.

The key here is to don't be afraid to get tired, don't be afraid to make a little step even if you are gassing out, even if you are stressed... just find that one ounce of breathe and keep moving. Keep moving despite of pain, just imagine how successful you will be if you don't stop and outwork everyone.

I don't know but there is some kind of magic happening when you feel like you've already been defeated but you still move. The doors will start to open again, there is some kind of life that is going on. So don't ever lose hope, just keep pushing until something show on your way. It will never be over until you become successful, there is always a chance, you may never see it now but you will see it in the end.

June 20, 2017


You were already focused on their movements, their situations, you know them better than you know yourself, you watched their actions and sometimes mimic them, you have lesser time for your dreams, you have more time for what is happening on them. You don't know yourself anymore because you are studying other people and loving all of their actions.

But how about yourself? do you still know yourself? are you still willing to see what are your real strengths? are you still willing to see how good can you become? if you focus on other people's lives... you will get lost, you will not be happy, you will feel depressed because you will not feel the growth in your eco system.

There is no benefit from caring about other people's lives. There is no point in knowing what is the favorite color of your idol because it will not even give you a single penny. It's ok to admire someone but it is not ok to spend most of your time studying other people's lives. You are guarding their actions, hoping for their reply, you basically know every single detail of their lives but you almost forgot how to take care of yourself.

To be yourself is to simply focus on yourself. Forget about their reactions, forget about what they say, forget about how they feel. Just simply focus on how you feel and what you want to happen in your life. It is more fun if you will see yourself growing from challenges and pain, you are living your life to the fullest if you are simply doing what is best for your life and your family. It's none of your business how other people think, what matters is you are in control of what you're thinking and you are progressing everyday.

You have to become better first before you think about other people. Why will you think about them if you can't even make your life great? you are so concerned about how other people feel and what they're doing. You are so concern about their activities and that is why you almost forgot that you have a life to live and it is your responsibility to reach your full potential.

You will become very creative if you will focus on yourself, how you feel and how you think. You will experience more freedom and aliveness if you are so engaged on what is happening with your life. It is not about separatism or being a loner. The point here is... celebrate your life and do what you wanted to do. If other can become successful so are you. You can become big like your idols, just express yourself to the fullest and never hold back.

BE ALIVE. Don't act like you're dead already, don't act like you can't do something great. This is an opportunity of a life time. While you're still alive feel alive. Most of you were not pushing yourselves that is why you can't see the best in you. Do everything in your power to become successful. Forget about what other people say, just do what makes you feel happy and successful. It is time to focus on yourself so you can be yourself and you will be able to see the real you.

June 20, 2017


When you were young you can do a lot of things. You were reckless and you want to try a lot of experience. You want to go to different places, meet a lot of people, make a lot of friends and just be happy all the time. You were experimenting at your life, you want to see the world and be known to the world. You were dreaming of making it big but you are not taking it seriously, you fee like you have a lot of time and your adventure will never end. But when you were already old... you don't want to waste time anymore, sometimes you just want to stay home and spend most of your time with your family. It only means young is addition and old is subtraction. When you were young you keep on incrementing and when you're old you keep on decrementing to sustain your life.

When you're already old you subtract the foods that your body don't need because your metabolism is getting slower and you can easily get some kind of a disease if you don't take care of your diet properly. But when you were young you keep on eating everything you want, you want to experience a lot of food that you haven't eat yet, you're so aggressive and confident that you can't get sick because just like I said... you were still young and your body can regenerate and heal so fast.

When you're already old, you subtract the knowledge that you are putting into your brain to avoid stress, you just entertain the thoughts that are helping you. You don't care about other information anymore that is giving you a headache. While you are still young, you want to learn everything. You are so experimentive and you're like a helter skelter when it comes to trying things, you want to become a genius, you want to know different things that doesn't even matter.

When you're already old... you subtract the fake friends in your circle, you already knew who are your true friends, you don't want to be around with fake people. For you, spending time with people that you don't like is just a waste of time. When you're still young, you want to please a lot of people. You keep adding friends to your circle even if you don't like them. You want to be liked and you want to look friendly because you don't want other people to hate you. You associate yourself with people who you didn't even like from the very start.

When you're already old you need to lose weight to keep your health in check, you need to reduce some fat in order to stay healthy. When you're still young you don't care if you gain a lot of weight because you're confident that you can reduce anytime you want, you keep eating like there's no tomorrow and you don't care until you don't feel anything bad into your system.

When you're getting old, you lose your hair, you lose your teeth, you lose your drive and aggressiveness, you lose the strength of your body. It is part of change, sometimes you can't even accept that you're getting uglier. But when you're still young you keep gaining strength, your wisdom tooth is growing, you are even coloring your hair with different colors, you keep growing, you keep blooming.

When you're getting old, some of your family members die, it's a sad part but it is the reality. But when you're still young.. you are seeing that your family members keep adding, there are lot of babies born, you are even starting your own family and raising a baby.

This is just a reminder that time is fast, when you're already old and you don't love the changes in your life... don't fight it, learn to accept it because that is life. Learn to let go because you cannot do something about it anymore, all you can do is enjoy the moment and have some fun until the end.

June 19, 2017


You have to abstain happiness in order to get more happiness. Not so wise judgement in order to become happy will give you misery in the end. Example is early pregnancy, young couples were irresponsible, they love playing fire, they were happy at that moment and when the girl gets pregnant... they don't know what to do, they were so scared to death that their parents will know what happened. If they only abstain from making love and finish their studies first then they will become happier in the end because they can take care of themselves and build their own family.

Another example are fighters who didn't make the weight before the fight. It happens because they can't refrain from eating delicious and unhealthy foods. They lack the discipline that is why their paycheck was cut by a huge percentage for penalty, other than that, if they are fighting for a title match.. they will never get the belt even if the won the incoming match. If they only abstain from eating unhealthy foods then they will be happier in the end. The problem is people want happiness right away, they want to experience the temporary pleasure right away even though they knew that what they are doing is wrong and it will cause them big trouble in the end.

Sometimes if you are not spending your money because you want to save it, you will feel that you are hoarding it, you will feel that you are not spending what you deserve. But that is ok, it is better to abstain yourself from spending because that will secure your future, you will become happier and more comfortable because you know you can pull something when things go wrong. You will feel more free, you can become more flexible when it comes to making important decisions because you are safe. Unlike someone who has no conscience in spending his money... he will become happier for just a few minutes, he is just happy while spending but when things go rough and he needed money... he will panic and wouldn't know where to get some money.

If you are postponing happiness, especially temporary happiness and sacrificing a little bit... you will become happier in the future, your happiness will doubled and that happiness will stay for a very long time. Because you paid the price for being happy, you sacrifice and you choose being responsible other than being reckless for no reason. It's all about making the right decisions, it's all about enduring a little bit to make your life better.

So if you need to abstain to secure your future and have a better life.. do it. You're just going to wait for just a short period of time. Time is fast, sometimes you don't even have to wait. You just need to postpone the instant pleasures like spending for no reason, impregnating your girlfriend while still young, drinking all night long even if you have an important business tomorrow, choosing fun over studying etc. You must abstain while security and stability is not there yet. Abstain and you will never regret it.

June 19, 2017


Greatness simply means having the ability to do something in extreme or on a very high level. So if you can do something on a very high level... you are great. It can be anything, it can be bad or good. There are some people who are great in drinking, they can drink 50 bottles of beer in one day. There are some people who are great in loving, they can spread love around the world and ask for no return. There are some people who are great in athletics, music, business or even politics.

A simple greatness can create a big greatness. If you are great in persevering, let's say you can endure any challenges and obstacles in life then you can attract big greatness. If you pair your greatness in persevering with anything that creates success or money then you will become successful.

If you are great in talking and you have flowery words, you can also pair it with any kind of business that has something to do with dealing or transaction.

Greatness is everywhere, some people are simply great by just peeling a fruit, some people are great by just taking care of their children, they give the best love for their children they give the best care and affection, they were good providers. And in the future... their children became great because their efforts from the past were recognized and rewarded by their children. This happens to a lot of NBA players, some players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant have great moms, their moms have great way of taking care of them and that is why they became great. This is another example of small greatness turns into big greatness.

If you have a great work ethic and you can work really really hard then one day that great work ethic can produce another something great. You can produce great success, you can become super rich or super fulfilled. You're already great now, it's just a matter of attracting another level of greatness into your life.

The key to greatness is very simple, just give your best, do it everyday, give it love and always make sure that the passion is alive. You can choose anything to be great at, you can even become great in destroying your own life. Smoking 5 box of cigarette is already great, it is another level, it is extreme but the only difference is... it is bad for your health and may kill you. You can simply become great by being a great human, be kind to everyone, be generous, be part of the yes man society.

You can be great at reading books, selling something, loving your spouse, maintaining your fitness, ignoring something, appreciating everything. Greatness doesn't need to be popular, it can be anything that is on a different level, you have the freedom to choose where to be great at. It can be the simplest thing in life. Just pick something and make it grow everyday.. that is what greatness is all about, greatness is everywhere.

June 19, 2017


A lot of people wants a hack. Hacking means wanting the easy way, it means shortcut, it means having something for just exerting a little effort. Hacking may work but not for so long, it will only work for a very short period of time because the number one rule is... the longer you work for something, the longer it will work for you. So it means that if you didn't work for something... it may also work for you but for just a short period of time.

Blue magic pills that is out in the market to create intelligence in you even if you are dumb, energy drinks that will only last for a few minutes, short period of exercise that promises abs, bio hacking that has no evidence if it really works, internet hacking that will give you money but will also send you to jail, Most people wants the hack because they don't need to sweat for it, they think that the result will give them happiness not knowing that the real happiness is in the process. If you will just enjoy working for something and having fun while working then you no longer need to trust hacks that will only give temporary solution.

If you can learn to adapt working hard for something then you will have better results, actually you can get anything you want because the work ethic is already there, it is just a matter of being patient and waiting for your time. Unlike in hacking, you will get results fast but it will also go away fast, sometimes you will not even get results, it will just give you side effects or will put you in a worse situation.

Instead of using steroids, learn to adapt yourself in the gym and bust your ass until your muscle and strength grows. Instead of drinking diet pills, learn to adapt to a safe and long process diet so that the effects is healthy. Instead of using the blue magic pill of intelligence, learn to adapt to study hard so your brain will expand naturally and you won't get crazy.

What if the hack is no longer there? what will you do, unlike in adapting... you have confidence in yourself, you know you can do anything and be anything you like without cheating. Anything that deals with hacks is a form of cheating, you are cheating yourself because you think you are getting results but the truth is you are only setting yourself up for a failure. Hacking will not become successful because it didn't made you a better person, it didn't made you grow. You can only grow through hardwork and embracing the process. If you will rely on shortcuts then you will fall short.

Just learn to adapt to the process, do what you need to do and try to make yourself better each day and that's it. No need to search for hacks that will make you lazy, weak and dependent from it. If the hack is no longer working, you will feel depressed, you will feel weak, you wouldn't know what to do and that is bad.

Learning to adapt with the process no matter how hard it is will give you success. It is just a matter of believing in it and staying with it for a very long time. It will give you confidence, you will have a sense of pride that you work for something and you didn't cheat.

June 19, 2017


There are thoughts that are coming out when certain things are happening. Thoughts that are automatically flowing inside of your head and if you are not aware that these thoughts are happening... it will control you and make you do things that will not give a good outcome. You are entering an auto pilot mode that doesn't serve you and make things better. In other words, you are reacting in a way that is not giving you any benefit.

When things gets hard and the pressure is rising... the thought that will usually run inside of your head is you can't do it or you need to quit, sometimes you will even be stunned or freeze, you can't move and make the right decisions. Everytime this weak thoughts come out... you should have a counter thought ready, it is like an antidote to weak thoughts, you will use it whenever you find yourself being dominated by the weak thoughts that is making your situation worse. For example, if your mind is telling you that you can't do it... that is the time you should use the counter thought. You should prepare it before the negative thoughts start to play inside of your head. For example, if you feel pressure... your counter thought should be summoned, it should be positive and should bring calmness to your body. A good thought is something like "I can do this", "this is nothing", "it can't kill me", "Why should I be scared?", "life is short, I should just enjoy the moment".You should use a thought that will make you feel better and stronger. Of course, it will not be erased right away, the negative thought will still remain but at least there is a counter thought that will give you hope and courage, it is up to you which thought you will feed more... is it the positive thought or the weak thought that is weakening you.

A counter thought is very helpful, it will give you a chance to win in life, it will make you move and remove you away from being stuck in fear. It will give you the strength to fight and win the battle that you are facing. Because let's face it... life gets tough sometimes, life is full of challenges and when you're mind is not prepared to take all the negative and energy sucking thoughts... you will lose hope, you will be defeated easily, you will crumble and sometimes you will not even move, you will just let the situation eat you.

It is better if you will reserve at least a minimum of five counter thoughts, something that you will use whenever you feel bad, scared or overwhelmed. Counter thoughts are very effective, it is like whispering yourself some mantra that will give you a different power that will enable you to do the right things and make yourself move despite of feeling scared or overwhelmed. It will save you from danger, it will make you feel that you're under control despite of feeling the pressure.

June 18, 2017


If you are doing something for so long, chances are there are unexpected things that may happen that will break your streak. Let's say if you committed to writing everyday and suddenly you got sick... of course you have an excuse to not write for at least a day. Some people who have a very strong will will still write but what if your mind is conquering your body and it is telling you to just rest for a while and it is not bad to miss just one day? what you need to do is make a momentum maintainer, do something that is easier than your normal routine. If you are writing everyday for 1000 words every article, just write 500 words. Your mind will instantly think that it is easy to finish so you will do it. Yeah, the quality may not be as good as your normal routine but the point here is... your streak was not cut, you're still on the right track. You're still on a roll, you will also not feel bad because you didn't miss a single day.

I am doing a workout everyday, I don't wanna miss any single day because If I do... I can't come back easily, once I miss a single day, It's hard for me to come back on track. Sometimes it takes 5 days or even a week to comeback doing a workout. So what I do is I invent a maintainer. Everytime I get busy or there is a sudden unexpected event that I must attend... I just do a 10-15 minute treadmill. I don't feel guilty if I miss my daily routine because I still feel that my streak hasn't ended, it's also a little bit similar with active rest. And it makes me feel good, it still makes me feel that the growth hasn't stop. I still feel better when I do the momentum maintainer.

So if you are sick or something and you feel like you can't do your routine... Just invent a momentum maintainer, an activity that is easier to your daily routine but will keep you on track. An activity that will make you stay motivated and focused. If you're doing 100 pushups a day, just do 30 or 50 if you don't feel well. If you are practicing a musical instrument for one hour a day, just do a 15-30 minute practice if you are too busy.

But always keep in mind that you can only do the momentum maintainer once or twice a week, you must stick with your daily and harder routine so your skill level will never go down. Don't be fooled by doing the momentum maintainer and making it as your daily routine. Sometimes when you enjoy doing the easier thing, you might not come back to your older and harder routine. You might want to take it easy everyday which is not good for your progress. Go back to your harder routine once you feel good already, never make excuses again.

June 18, 2017


Accessory of other's success, this is what is this article all about. Are you just an accessory? are you just a body guard of someone who is popular? are you just a fetcher of someone who is no better than you? Are you the spotlight or just the shadow?

Decide now if you will let other people use you for their own good, decide now if you will allow someone to use you and give you lesser than what you deserve. It's ok to take a job that you don't like and be a follower for a while but you shouldn't be satisfied with that position. Once you have enough money to pursue your own journey... go after it and never look back.

Because you always have the right to become a star. You have the authority to get what you want and live the life you want, you're just so scared to try it. You need to have confidence in your skills and abilities that one day... you will become what you want to become. It is never bad to dream big if you will work hard to get it. Most people are dreaming big but are working less that is why they end up short. If you want something... go and get it, forget the HOWs and BUTs, just do what you can do at the moment and never quit until you win.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in being a shadow, there is nothing wrong in being a follower if you really want it and you're not against it. But if something in your heart is saying that you want something else and you're not doing anything to get it.... you're just wasting your life. You better follow your heart because it is always right, it will only look wrong in the beginning while you are still facing challenges and adversities for taking the risks. But once you were able to whether the storm... you will thank yourself that you followed your heart.

The worse thing about being a shadow is you have no 100 percent control of your life, you have no control of the outcome. People will dictate you what they want to happen into your life, you have no freedom, you can't make decisions on your own, other people will decide for you and you have no choice but to follow them. You will lose your power and confidence, you will never trust yourself anymore. In other words, you completely become useless.

But if you are the spotlight, if you are pursuing your own journey... everything you did will never be contested by anyone. Every fault that you did... there is no other people to blame but you, but it is ok. It is ok to fail by your own mistake other than fail  by the mistake of others.

What are you waiting for? if you hate your job, if you hate being a shadow then left your job. GO and get your dreams, go all out. if you work super hard... something good will happen and that is guaranteed. Hardwork will be your assurance of success.

June 18, 2017


Are you harboring thoughts that are somehow addictive and giving you some sort of entertainment? thoughts like dating your crush, winning the lottery or being popular? it is ok to entertain those thoughts because it will somehow give joy to your life but the question is are those thoughts putting you in a better position? are those thoughts contributing to your growth and development?

Yeah you should only entertainment positive and happy thoughts but too much entertainment will make you useless and slow. Sometimes you need to stop thinking and just start moving. Entertaining a lot of thoughts in your head will slow you down, you just need to do it and forget about anything else. Because that is what life is all about... movement and progress. Are you going to make any progress by just thinking? of course not.

It is better to take action and make mistakes that to just think forever and produce nothing. Thinking is very addictive because it gives you comfort in some ways but if you will not do something about your life, if you will just think for the whole day... you will regret it in the end. You will think about the time wasted especially if your life is already falling apart.

So starting now... stop thinking and simply start moving. Movement creates improvement, movement is the only way to make progress.

If you really love thinking and you really can't stop it then you should be picky in what you're thinking. You should be thinking about your dreams and how are you going to get it, you should be thinking about your goals and see yourself achieving. It's like visualizing, visualize what you wanted to be, pair it with action and then you will have it in just a matter of time. Because if you will just think about celebrities, sports stars, showbiz, gossips and any other thoughts that will just pollute your mind... your will become a mess. What you think about is what you will become, so just think about money if you will just entertain some useless thoughts. To make the long story short... entertain thoughts that are helpful in your life.

So what are you thinking about everyday? are you sure it is helping you? are you sure it is making your mind healthy? are you sure it is making you grow? If you will just think about problems and not solutions then it is better if you will just sleep because at least it will not damage your mind.

Thoughts are reality, be aware of the thoughts that are running inside of your head because your dominating thoughts are your reality. This has been already explained scientifically, it is proven a million times. So if you are having a hard time in your life... it means your dominating thoughts are corrupt, You better adjust it, filter the thoughts that will never help you to grow and become a better person.

June 18, 2017


You can build greatness in your house or even in your small room. Just pick something that you love and do it everyday for so long. Pick a guitar and make music everyday, pick a drill in exercise, pick a drawing canvass and pain everything you want, study programming and till your mind explode, study a software and escalate your skill to another level, make some you tube videos and do everything to gather a million views, put a bench press and lift weights everyday, buy a tread mill and be the best runner that you can ever be. See... there is no excuse in building greatness, you can do it in your small room, you can do it anywhere. The key here is repetition, repeat till you become fast and furious, repeat till you become the master of your own domain.

Greatness doesn't need to be complicated, it needs simplicity and consistency. It only needs dedication and perseverance. If you will do something for a very long time then you will be great even if you're just a normal guy that only knows how to read ABC. Some people thinks that being great needs support, great coaching stuff, great equipment, rich background etc. There are thousands of examples about greatness that starts from garbage. Those are true stories and if you will study their whole story... you will only learned that success was built through hardwork, determination and belief. There is no other ingredient to success. You only need to dedicate your time and that's it. It is very simple but of course it is hard.

So don't worry if you don't have anything in your life, just look for something that you will enjoy and make it reach the highest level that it can be. It doesn't matter what kind of passion you choose, what matters is you are enjoying doing it everyday and you are growing everyday. Just give it a time, be patient and soon you'll see that you're already great. Never underestimate the power of time, consistency and patience. You may look like a novice now but after a few months or years of practice... you will never look the same.

Just keep in mind that you have to just enjoy the process and forget about making results. You will see the fruits of your labor one day. Work the hardest and let's see if you will still be ignored. If you can do something that they can't do then people will notice you, you will become rich, you will become very successful.

So pick something, start it now and do it forever. Do it until you become the best at it, do it until you can play with it and experiment with it. Do it until people are asking you how did you do it. You can start in a very small place, you can start with nothing. All you need is imagination, hardwork and belief. Do it now, start from scratch and enjoy your journey.

June 18, 2017


1.Do what you said you will do yesterday. If you can stay true to your words and keep every promise you made then your efficiency will increase, it means you are serious in your life and you want a dramatic change. It means you really want to become productive. Of course you need to rest and just continue what you're doing tomorrow but once tomorrow is already there... you need to do your pending task, never let another tomorrow come again without doing it.

2. DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOUR FOCUS. May it be a simple addictive video game, a gossip website or a long drama series... you have to destroy it if it is destroying your focus. Something has to go in order for something to come in. Destroy what destroys your productivity and you will become productive. Yes it is hard but what do you want? a better life or a lazy life? The choice is yours, you know the right thing.

3. BE AWARE IF YOU'RE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING. Be mindful of your activities and habits. You should be aware if you're doing the unproductive things and stop it immediately. Be aware if you are entertaining useless thoughts that decreases your productivity. If you can stop the things that stops you then your productivity will increase to a different level.

4. PUSH. You need to push yourself, if you are feeling lazy... that is the best time to push yourself, if you're in doubt and hesitant... that is also the best time to push yourself. Push yourself like never push before. It is only difficult in the beginning, once you became familiar with that kind of timing... you will have fun pushing yourself and it feels normal to you. It is what it is, if you will not push then you will not be able to pull something great.

5. SACRIFICE. You need to sacrifice temporary pleasures with activities that moves you closer to growth. In other words, your life will become a little bit boring. But if that boringness will give success, wouldn't you not choose it? embrace boredom, do the things that makes you grow. You need to sacrifice in order to claim the prize. Again, it is only difficult in the beginning, once you get use to doing the right things... you would love to do it everyday.

6. REWARD YOURSELF. Always treat yourself once you achieve something great. Make a small celebration, buy the things that you want, treat yourself with your favorite food. You need to see that there is a benefit from what you're doing in order to keep going. Reward yourself everytime to did something incredible so that you will stay with the process for long.

7. PUT PRESSURE IN YOURSELF. Imagine all the things that might happen to you if you will not work hard. Things such as getting broke, having no food to eat, having no money to spend for your family. Take it seriously, scare yourself so that you will be forced to move.