May 27, 2017


If you are growing personally, financially, spiritually, emotionally or physically then it means you're already successful. If you are growing positively then what more can you ask in life? success is all about growth. Growth of happiness, growth of money, growth of strength, growth of your career, growth of the people around you. Success is all about feeling the progress everyday, it is all about embracing the improvement of your life everyday.

Because if you are constantly growing then you will become big one day. You don't need to look for what is missing in your life, you don't need to look for big houses, big money, big experiences. For as long as you're growing then you're already successful, as simple as that.

Success is fulfillment, it is being satisfied and proud of what you've accomplished and you can only feel that sense of fulfillment if you are growing.

No need to measure the speed of your growth, if you are growing slowly then it is better, if you are growing fast then much better. What matters is you are growing and you are committed to your growth everyday. Because when growth stops, if you are not feeling it then that is the time you will feel like a failure.

Look at those needy people who needs a lot. They feel like failure because they can't have what they want. They don't want to work, they just want to beg for what they want, it means they are not growing. And even if they get what they want, they still don't feel like successful because they don't work for it.

You will feel the growth if you keep on working everyday, if you keep on learning everyday or doing something for your dreams everyday.... that is the best way to feel the growth, that is the best way to achieve growth.

So don't think about success as something that is elusive and only for the chosen ones. You can become successful if you are satisfied with the little growth that you are seeing in your life everyday. Just keep on growing and you will arrive at your desired destination.

It is about commitment, it is about dedication, it is about working hard. The formula is very simple, yeah it is hard and painful sometimes but for sure you will become successful if you follow those formula.

So don't complicate your life thinking what success really is. Success is all about the journey, it is about growing and seeing yourself evolving. So do something to become a little bit better than yesterday and you're already successful.

Anyone can grow, even the oldest man can grow, you can always learn something. You can learn about yourself, you discover the process of growing on your own. Growing is very simple, pick something that you love to do and learn and become really good at it, be consistent in using it, be serious about it. Always remember that you can still grow even without money or fame. It is up to you what kind of meaning do you want to attached success with.

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