May 13, 2017


Once you heard the word are so afraid to face it. There are different kinds of pain: a pain that is inflicted, a pain that you created for yourself because of your bad decisions and a pain that you need to take so that you can gain something from it.

Let's talk about the pain that will give you rewards, this is the pain that most people doesn't wanted to face because you have to do it consciously, just thinking about it will make you don't want to face it. For example, the pain in working out and exercise just to make your body healthy and strong, I am very sure you don't want to do it. It is hard especially if your mind is not wired yet to move. It is really hard to move and force yourself to take actions. It feels like something is stopping you and your body is frozen. It feels like you will die if you will move. Have you ever felt it before? I am pretty sure you are especially if you don't have the habits yet installed in your system for moving. But you have no choice but to face it if you want to change your life, you have no choice but to endure the pain in moving because it is the only remaining hope to make your life better.

Face that pain now and you will never regret the time you face it, face it now and you will become happier later. You will be proud of yourself because you take actions. Not too many people can take actions especially if they don't like it, they will choose just bumming around watching TV and keeping themselves updated about the game of thrones series.

The truth is there is no big difference between pain and short term pleasure. They are both painful, the only difference is.. short term pleasure will give you fake happiness now and major pain later. While on the other hand.. facing pain now is somehow stressful but will give you real happiness later.

If you will face the pain of taking actions now and doing what is needed... you will be so very happy that you face it because you will no longer need to think about or worry about finishing the task that you are suppose to finish earlier. In other words, you already beat the habit of procrastinating and the reward is having a peace of mind, having more time to relax and enjoy life, that is what you will get by facing the pain now... happiness and contentment.

But if you will tell yourself that you will just face the pain later... the pain will grow bigger and bigger, you will get overwhelmed, you might not take any action at all because you're so scared and stress. You want to finish it but you can't even start, you feel like your mind will explode, sometimes you just want to numb the pain by taking alcohol or doing some things that will entertain you and forget your problems, activities like watching TV or going to the shopping mall which will only make your problem worse. Yeah, you may feel good for a while but that emotion won't last for so long, you will feel depressed again later. And speaking of depression... this is what you will feel if you will not face the pain now and do something about it, depression will eat your mind, you will become a little bit crazy or maybe totally crazy.

So whatever it is that you need to do... do it even if it is painful, do it now because you will not regret it later, you will become totally happy and fulfilled. Just like in pursuing your dreams, it is painful, it is very hard to start. But once you see that you are becoming successful little by little, you will think that your decision is right. You will be very happy for yourself that you face the pain and you didn't shy away from it.

Facing pain is facing life. Life is painful, no matter how hard you deny it and pretend that everything is alright... there will be times when you will feel a lot of pain. Sometimes you don't even know where it is coming from. Sometimes you just got sad or depress for no reason. It is what it is, this is life, it is painful and sometimes you don't even know what to do. But all you got to do is do what you have to do, do it even if it hurts, do it even if you feel so heavy and unmotivated. If you want to feel life... you should face the pain because it will give you the emotions that you needed to maintain your sanity.

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