May 21, 2017


If they are really interested with your work, if they really want to know more about you... you don't need to explain what you're doing. Once they feel a little spark on your creation... they will figure it out by themselves and give a self explanation about your work.

If your work sounds stupid to other people... never mind what they say. Don't ever believe them that what you're doing has no impact, of course it has an impact. It may look that it is not working at the moment but in the future... for sure it will become successful if you keep on working hard.

You don't need to explain to them what you're doing, if they don't have any connection with you at all and with your works... it is their problem. If they can appreciate it then good for them and it only means they are also seeing your vision but if they can't even appreciate your work a little bit... don't bother at all. Stop giving time to them and trying to explain what you do, once you finish something... go to your next work and give your best again.

Because if you are always explaining your side... you are only wasting time, some people will even ask you stupid questions, criticize you and make you feel bad. The best thing to do is keep working and then move on to the next level right away.

A hater will always find way to make you look bad and stupid, a true fan will appreciate you even if they see some flaws at your work. So what you need to do is stay focus on your journey and forget what people say, just keep working and working until you become successful.

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