May 03, 2017


Most people are rushing, most people are having a time scarcity which is sad because they are making time as an excuse for not doing the things that they love. Their excuse is they don't have time for this or that because of their job. What they don't know is success is all about time management.

No matter how busy you are, if you are good in time managing then you will have a lot of time. That is why you need PATIENCE. Patience is the key for having a lot of time.

You need to be patient in everything that you do so that you can finish it on time or maybe ahead of time. If you are not patient then you will become frustrated, you will not be able to finish fast because you are making a lot of mistakes, you are doing the wrong things if you are not patient. It feels like you have a long day and your work is impossible to finish.

But if you are patient, you will be able to enjoy your work, you will have a lot of time because you can finish your work fast. If you are having fun... time will fly, it also feels like you can do more and be more. Everything is in balance if you are patient, you are not rushing, you are not in a scarcity mode.

Look at those people who are impatient, they want to finish their task fast, they want to go home fast, they want shortcuts that is why they feel bad, they were always late even if they are moving fast. It looks like they are quick but deep inside they feel slow and heavy. Their minds were crowded, it can't think right and it is always in a panic mode which makes them do wrong decisions. They get frustrated easily, everything they see is wrong, everything they touch is wrong.

Another example is a basketball game, a team that is very impatient is always lacking time, they were always on the run, they were always behind, they were in a panic mode, they were full of turnovers, in other words... they are losers. But a team that is very patient, even if they are behind... they can still manage to win because they knew they have a lot of time and they feel that they have a lot of time. They always make right decisions and they never panic in the end. They still manage to win even if the adversity is so big.

Being patient means loving life, it is a state of abundance. You know you can achieve anything even if your pace is slow. You know you can win in life even if results were not showing yet. Being patient means you already won, you will just take your time and do what is necessary in a very relax manner. You can move quick, you can think fast but the patience and calmness should always be there in your body.

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