May 11, 2017


Your life hasn't got better because you have a lot of toxic people in your life. I don't know if you are just pretending that you don't have one or maybe you already accepted that you can't stay away from those people. Maybe you are pretending that you feel good around them, maybe you think that your life will be better with them. I don't know, or maybe you're really scared and you can't live your life according to your rules. Look at your life and see the people around you because those people have a big contribution to your life, they can pull you down or push you up. So if your life is not doing well right now, it only means there are some people who are really toxic to your life and you must get rid of them right now if you want to have a better life. Have no conscience in kicking them out of your life because we are talking about your life here, their life doesn't matter. They can cry about it but at the end of the day, it is your happiness that matters that theirs.

1. You think they are the only ones best for you.  You think you cannot find a replacement to them that is why even if they are treating you bad, bullying you and mocking you... you still can't afford to lose them. You think that you can't find another people that will treat you better. You think that they are destined to become your friends or relatives forever. You think that other people will not treat you better than how they treat you.

2. You think they are right. Even if they are doing wrong, you still think that they are right and you are wrong. You feel that you cannot make your own decision so your way of thinking is always influenced or manipulated by them.

3. You think other people were on their side. You think that majority of people agrees with them and that is why you are so scared to be labelled as the one who is wrong. You don't want to be against them because you don't want to look bad to other people.

4. You are dependent from them. You need something from them, you need their support or help so even if they are treating you bad... you can't leave them. You think that your life depends on them.

5. You don't believe in yourself. You think that you can't become successful without the help of toxic people in your circle. You simply don't have the confidence to live your life your way. You are so scared to try something new, you are so scared to let go. You lost confidence in yourself because they are treating you bad. You believe them more than you believe yourself.

6. You think that they will change one day. You are still hoping that one day they will treat you right, you give them unlimited chance. You think that one day they will realize your value and you needed to be treated right. You are longing for their respect that is why you can't move on and let them go.

7. You're afraid to be alone. You will be alone for a very short time, you will find the real people that is right for you so don't be afraid to be alone now and leave them. If you love yourself and you don't let people disrespect you then people will respect you. So endure being alone now if all of your so called "friends" are just bullying you and using you, leave them and don't let them enter your world again. The right people are waiting for you and you will be able to locate them if you will leave the wrong people. And sometimes you don't even need to look for them because they will come naturally.

8. They owe you something. You are afraid to eliminate some people in your life because they owe you something like money or important things. I am very sure they have no interest in returning back what is your so you need to forget those things. Forget those things and forget those toxic people too. They are having power over you because you are still hoping that you can get back what they borrow from you. Remember that toxic people are toxic and they don't have considerations so there is no chance that you will get back what is yours if you will not force them.

9. You owe them something. You can't let them free because you owe them something, maybe they give you a favor from the past or maybe you are the one who borrows money from them and that is why you can't reject them, you think that without them your situation now is uglier. You think that they improve your life in some ways.

10. You're easy to please. You forgive them easily, if they do something bad to you, they will just compliment you fakely and you will smile right away, you will become friends with them again. You are too soft, you are so easy to please.

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