May 24, 2017


All people will say that you need to look for a job right away because the competition is so strong. That is a very wrong approach. After graduation, what you need to do is relax. Rest for one week and then after that make a game plan. Are you going to look for a job that is related to your course or are you going to follow your heart? you need to make a choice because your future is  in jeopardy here.

I know some of you take that course because your parents want it. Some of you take medicine, math or any subject that you don't really want because your parents want it. Some of you really don't want to be an engineer or doctor but your parents forces you before. But now that you already graduated, you have a little bit of power now to follow the path that you really want. If you really want to get a job that is related to your course then do it.

But if you have something on your mind, if you feel you need to pursue something else like MMA, arts, business or anything that you feel will make you happy... then go for it.

Go all out, if you're going to try... go all out or else don't even bother at all.

You can take a low paying job that will support you in someways while pursuing your real passion, it will serve as a support to pay your basic expenses. In this way, you no longer need to ask support from your parents. You have a real freedom and you can do whatever you want.

Your parents will become proud of you if they see you being independent. So decide now what you really wanted to do in life while you're still young because your real journey has already started after your graduation.

Keep in mind that your course was not wasted. It is just another chapter of your book. You can still use it whenever you want but the point here is... you must focus on what makes you really happy and never focus on the money itself. Because your parents just forces you to take that course because they think that the job related with it is good paying and will make a good living.

But what if you really don't want to do a job that is related to your course? It is time to make a stand and do what gives joy in your heart, follow your heart and go all out. Your heart can never go wrong. You can become successful in anything that you do for as long as you are having fun with it.

Once you made a decision... don't ever change your mind anymore. Feel the pressure, embrace the fear because a lot of people will always have something to say and it's none of your business to listen to them. You have your own path now and you must do everything to become successful. Don't ever think that you have a lot of time because you're still young. Remember that being successful takes a lot of time so it is better to build some habits that will put yourself in a best position to succeed. Because if you will think that you have a lot of time then you will become lazy, you will always relax and that will be the main cause of your failure.

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