May 10, 2017


You will be served, what is yours will come to you if you will just wait and be patient. And one more thing, you still need to work hard while waiting for your turn, because if you will just wait for it and do nothing... it will not come.

Don't cry like a lost dog looking for his mom if what you want is not yet coming to you. It is on its way, you just need to wait for a  little more time. What is yours is yours, nobody will steal it from you. Don't worry, stop being impatient, don't think about it too much because it will be yours in just a matter of time.

If you're not picked now in some kind of an audition or something, don't worry, don't feel bad because you will be picked tomorrow or next time. Just wait for your turn because you will have it, you just need to try and try again, get better each day and that's it. Your time will come, you will shine too and that is guaranteed.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you still can't get it, you still can't become successful. For unknown reasons, it happens, no one can explain it because it has been said that if you work hard then you will become successful. But sometimes you really need to wait for your turn while working hard, sometimes you just need to stay with the grind and be focused with your dreams without being impatient. It is what it is, if you will not become patient and if you stop what you are doing then nothing will happen to you. You will go back to zero, your momentum will die, your life will get worse. But if you stay with the hustle, if you stay with the process and patiently waiting for your turn then for sure your time will come, you will shine one day. All of the waiting and suffering will be worth it, you will get what you want, your dreams will come true.

So if you are not a star player right now, don't get jealous with other players. Your time will come, just wait for your turn, all you can do is focus on what you can control and be happy with your situation. If you can do something about it then do it but if all you can do is be better each day then just wait for your turn, you will become a star player one day, for sure it will come, no questions need to ask, no need to doubt yourself.

Waiting is a powerful thing, you may think that you are stuck in a mud but if you feel that you are improving, if you honestly believe in yourself that you are a better person than yesterday physically and mentally then there is no need to worry if you are going to become successful or not.

Yes sometimes it is really boring to wait and work especially if you are not seeing any significant progress but if you can just manage to make that belief alive or at least make it a little bit stronger than yesterday then for sure you will become successful one day. Success is just a matter of who will survive his own business even if it is almost dying. It is a matter of believing yourself even if there is no other reason to believe.

You never know, tomorrow or next week might be your turn so be patient and keep working hard. Your time will come, keep that faith alive.

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