May 05, 2017


Any struggle you are dealing with... it will become beautiful if you will love it. You can find ways how to make the situation better, it is all about figuring out what to do next then be ok with your situation. It is all about having the mindset that everything will be alright, don't get too emotional, stop having self pity, just enjoy your struggle and stay positive. Something good will happen in the end.

If you are struggling, it means you are being challenged by life. It means something great is about to happen. It's all about embracing the struggle and doing something positive to make your situation a little bit better. If you are not struggling it means you are not pursuing something, it means you are happy being in a mediocre position.

A great example is a game, a team behind by a large margin is struggling right? they can't make things right, they were full of mistakes but once they accept that they are struggling and do something about their situation... they were able to forge a little momentum and that momentum becomes bigger and bigger until they come back to the game and win the game. Their win is very beautiful right? it is like a miracle. That is why great things happen when there is a strong adversity. A man who comes back from losing and regain his winning life again is admired by many because of his beautiful story.

So if you are struggling now, be happy with it because there is a good thing that is hiding from it. Don't be blinded by the suffering that you are experiencing now because you can always turn things around, you can always change your life. Suffering is just a state of mind, if you can entertain your mind and think of happy thoughts while you are struggling then you will be fine. Always occupy your mind with positive things so that you will forget about quitting.

Just love the struggle, it is the only way to end the struggle. Accept it and never make it a big deal, always stay positive and take massive actions so you will be entertained. Struggling will diminished little by little if you are moving forward. Just keep taking one step at a time and never get tired, never get tired of taking steps because that is the only way to win, that is the only way to end struggling.

Say this to yourself "It will be done". Say it a million times so that you will feel a little hope if you're about to quit. Sometimes you need a self talk, you need to whisper your heart that it is alright and that everything will be alright in the end. If it looks impossible, it means you are very close to winning, it means you just need to stay with the process for a little more time.

You never know, you're just one step away from success. So keep moving and never stop until you win, keep struggling, keep moving.

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