May 19, 2017


You don't need to wait for the right timing or perfect timing just to get started. The right timing is coming once you take the first action, once you take the first step and fully commit to your journey. The right timing will be attracted to you once you start making mistakes, you will figure it out once you take massive actions. It is what it is, you can't just start something and expect to become successful right away.

People can't start because they are always looking for the right timing. The truth is... every path is the right path, every action is the right action for as long as your vision is focused. So what if you make mistakes, so what if you fail, you will learn anyway and you will become tough so even if you fail... you still earn something. You earned the experienced and knowledge that you needed to become successful.

So start now and never wait before your bones become weak or your mind becomes rusty. Start now while you are still strong and can do a lot of mistakes. Because if you're too old enough... you can't afford to make mistakes anymore, there is no more room for error. Pressure will become higher and worries will become bigger.

The right timing is already coming once you start executing, keep going and keep pushing.

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