May 17, 2017


There are lot of articles out there, there are lot of motivational videos that will dictate you what is the purpose of life or how to find it.

The real purpose of life is very simple, there is no deep meaning accustomed to it, you don't need to find it. The real purpose of life is SIMPLY LIVING IT, and that's it. People are making it complicated, people are making it deep. It is very simple, that is why it is called life, you should live it. Don't kill it, don't destroy it, just live it. I don't know how do you want to live it but it is up to you. You are free how to live it but always make sure what you do is positive, choose freedom over money, choose having fun over thinking about problems.

There are lot of cheesy people out there telling other people that they will find themselves first before they live their life. It is funny because life is already there, you don't need to find yourself, all you need to do is live your life and you already found yourself, you don't need to make a lot of dramas, you don't need to make a lot of attention catching activities. Just live life even if your situation is bad. Just live life even if you don't feel like living it because that is the real purpose of life... breathing and trying to survive it one day at a time.

You don't need to become a hero to others, you don't need to do great things or become a Mother Theresa or something, you don't need to let the world know how great or kind you are, just be kind to yourself and do something positive for as much as you can.

The real purpose of your life is simply living with the moment, it is simply breathing and living for each second. There is no other meaning behind it, you don't need to become rich or popular or become successful. Just simply live it and try to make it grow, try to enjoy it while it is still there. You don't need to compete, you don't need to become a genius. Just do what makes you happy and forget about anything else.

Because if you will look for the purpose of your life... you will not see it. Because the purpose is already there, you just need to live your life, embrace the pain, embrace the happiness, embrace everything about it. Accept your life, accept your situation, try to change it if you want it but don't ever curse it or feel ashamed of it because you only have one life. It is up to your perspective, your vision is your reality.

How you feel is how your life is going. You can always feel good even if terrible things are happening in your life. You can even feel sad even if you are succeeding because you want more and you are not appreciative.

Just breathe every second and be appreciative of your life... that is the real meaning of your life. Because it is yours, you are not suppose to give it to others, you are not suppose to dedicate your life for people who can't even appreciate what you're doing. The real purpose of your life is owning it and trying to make it grow as much as you can, try to extend it as much as you can, always have fun with it regardless of what is happening around you.

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