May 18, 2017


People nowadays talk about success a lot, they have their own definition of success and if you don't fit with their definition... it means you're a failure to them.

The real meaning of success is not about who is thriving, getting rich, being popular or something. You give your own meaning to success. If you honestly feel successful and you don't care about what people say... you're really successful. You have to define your own success and stop comparing yourself to other people. Who cares if they are richer than you or they can make more money than you. Success is just a state of mind, if you feel happy in anything that you do.... you're already successful. If you are evolving everyday and even if that progress is not that big... you're already successful.

The real meaning of success is feeling successful and just a little bit of evolving everyday, the real meaning of success is consistency... you have to be very consistent in anything that you want to do, you have to do it everyday even if you don't feel like doing it. You have to force yourself to do something that will make your situation better than yesterday. Because if you will keep on skipping days... you will just become an ordinary individual that will never achieve anything great.

Success means pain, if you really want it then you must push through pain. You must face it and live with it, you must learn how to give another meaning to pain, not just the pain itself. Some people thinks that pain means suffering but the real meaning of it is gaining. You must think of pain as your best friend, consider it as something that will give you everything you want if you embrace it and see the benefits of it.

Success is just a state of mind, the more you think positive... the more you will become successful. Because it all starts in the mind, if you are thinking about weak and destructive thoughts then your actions will also be weak and destructive but if you are focused on hope and positive actions then success will be attracted to you faster than expected.

Success is not all about getting it, it is more of doing it. You do it anyway, it is the process not the results that matters. You do it because you need to be one step closer to success. You do it and do it until you reach the finish line, as simple as that.

Success has nothing to do with speed or time. Your success will come even if it takes forever to become successful, it is already there, it is just waiting for you. You don't need to worry, you don't need to become stressed if you are not getting results. It is already there, stop rushing, be patient and your time will come. The more you rush and become impatient... the more you are unlikely to get it because you need to take every step of the way, stop cutting corners and being impatient. Remember that it is already there, you just need to work for it.

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