May 12, 2017


The only motivation you need to produce is how to enjoy what you are doing at the moment. If you can simply enjoy the very first step up to the last then you will never have a problem in doing something.

Taking action is very hard because you are always looking at the finish line, you are always looking at the clock. You are checking how many hours did you work already, you are checking how many hours left before you finish. In other words, your focus is not to enjoy but to reach the finish line. It is a bad approach because if you are always looking to finish, it simply means you are not enjoying what you are doing. You are always rushing and it is the fastest way to fail, it is the fastest way to quit.

You should always find the motivation to enjoy in anything that you do... even if the activity sucks and really hard, you have to enjoy every step of it or else... you will not succeed. That is the trick in life... enjoy every movement, even if you are sick... you have to enjoy drinking the medicine and having rest.

You have to enjoy every movement of your body, you have to enjoy ever second. Even being tired, you have to enjoy it. That is the secret of success... being excited and just simply enjoying the process.

If you will earn how to enjoy everything,  the hard will become easy and the easy will become effortless. Your stress will diminish and you will begin to see the real beauty of life.

At first it is hard, especially if you don't like what you are doing. But even if you are passionate about something... sometimes you will still find yourself getting bored at it. So if you can learn how to adjust your attitude towards any kind of work... life will become easier for you. There will be no task that you can finish.

Remember that you can't control everything but you can control your mind and feelings about something. so if you can just simply adjust yours state and be very patient at everything... the impossible will become possible to you.

You think that it is hard to enjoy a hard task or a boring thing but it is easy. Just simply feel your body, feel the movement of your hands, learn to breathe when things are going hard, as simple as that. You will learn later that it is not that hard, you are just putting some pressure to yourself which is not needed.

Just simply being in the moment, forgetting the future and not looking at the clock will make you enjoy everything. It will make you relaxed and it will make you able to think clearly. Don't try to escape any situation, don't try to fast forward time. Enjoy taking actions, don't be scared to get tired, don't be scared to finish imperfectly, just be yourself. Try to push yourself a little bit and always give your best shot.

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