May 31, 2017


Don't look for the meaning of success, it is so deep. You think that having a lot of money, being popular and someone that a lot of people talk about is already a success? no. Success is all about just doing it, life is a forever process, life is a journey, there is no such thing as a final destination. Even if you're dying in your bed... it is still a journey, you fight for your life, you are searching for the right thoughts that will keep you alive, you are searching for that air... you are simply enjoying your breathing, it is still a journey. And when you're already dead, who knows where will you go?

So if you want to become successful... just do it, just simply do it. Don't be like others who are holding themselves back for so long until they become old and cannot even make a single step anymore. It doesn't matter if you win or not, I know there is a place inside of your head that is telling you to do it. So just do it, do it even if it is scary, do it even if it is stressful and uncomfortable. You will become successful if you know the answer to your question.

The biggest question in your life is can you do it or not right? you are wondering if you will become successful or not right? so the best thing to do is just do it with your best, go all out, go all in and never look back. The fact that you did it is already a success because you will know the answer. The fact that you gave everything you've got and you never listen to what people say is already being successful.

Because at the end of the day, if your life is about to end.... the only remaining question inside of your head is not whether you are rich or not, the biggest question in your head is whether you do it or not.

So stop hesitating, stop doubting yourself and wondering if you will become successful or not. If you are doing something to become successful and you are not stopping then you'e already successful.

A lot of "successful people" as they call themselves has a lot of regrets in their life. They also didn't do what they are suppose to do, they are making themselves believe that they are successful because they have pretty decent money, but deep inside they know they want this one thing but they can't have it because they do not even try.

If you have an assignment.. do it and you're already successful. If your hurt someone... say sorry and you're already successful. If you are not in good terms with your parents... ask for their forgiveness and you're already successful.

Success is all about freedom, it is freeing yourself from regrets, it is about doing or getting what you want without holding yourself back. It is all about doing it and not thinking what might happen.

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