May 18, 2017


There is only one big difference between a real winner and a pretender. A real winner will put strong efforts in the end, he will give everything he got while on the other hand... a pretender will pretend that he is already fatigued and can't go anymore, he will make excuses, his mind will be occupied by
a lot of weak thoughts that will prevent him from finishing strong.

A real winner will die in order for something to happen while a pretender will pretend that he already gave his best but it just happens that fate is not favoring his side.

A real winner will never quit until he become successful, he will push through no matter what. Sometimes he is not even thinking about winning anymore, all he does is push through and do what is possible. He removes winning from his mind because it only gives him worries, what he does is he keep pushing forward and give his best every second. A pretender will only move when he is in good position, he is only motivated when he have a momentum but when he feels that it is impossible to win... he will create millions of reasons to quit, he will not push himself, he will just accept what is given to him.

If you're a real winner and that is what you see in yourself... you should work until the end, you should have a lion heart and you should be willing to embrace all the negative emotions that you might feel. Because pushing for something has nothing to do with the things, circumstances or people around you, it is all about you and how you feel. You will feel very bad in the end, you will feel a lot of stress, disappointments and heart breaking moments which will make you wanted to quit. But if you are willing to face all of those things and try to process all of them... wow! it means you're one of a kind, it means you're on your way to the top.

So don't be like others who were only excited, strong and motivated in the beginning. Be a person who will embrace any circumstances no matter what. Be the real man who is willing to face the pain and willing to die just to get his dreams.

You're a winner if you're always trying to win, you're a winner if submission has never run across your mind just for a second. You're a winner if you're willing to use all of your energy and you are willing to try until the very end.

It doesn't matter what kind of try are you going to try, what matters is you try and you try with your very best. Don't just try for the sake of just looking like you try and telling everyone that you try, try with bad intentions, try with will, try with all your might and never exert a mediocre effort. And mostly, don't ever pretend that you're trying. Stop being a pretender, be a real winner.

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