May 23, 2017


If things are not going on your way, if you work so hard and yet results are still not coming in... all you can do is get better.

Getting better will make your life easier, getting better is the number one success manifester. Because if you will just keep complaining in your life... nothing will happen to you, you will remain in the same position forever. It's very simple, it's very obvious, always complaining and doing nothing will set your life up to failing.

If your coach is not giving you playing time even if you are practicing everyday... all you can do is get better. Stop looking for what is not happening, start focusing on what you can do and that is to get better than yesterday. He may not use you again but the point here is you still get better than yesterday, you still evolve personally, you know in yourself that you are progressing even if people are not seeing it yet because you are not being used on court. But time will come and they can't deny you, they cannot keep you away from what you deserve because you get so much better that your value increases and they cannot ignore you anymore. They know you are so good, time will come and they will be the one chasing for you.

If your brand is not selling now... again, all you can do is get better. Make your brand better, make yourself better. That is the best way to attract success. Because if you keep leveling up everyday, people can't ignore you anymore. You will be so good that they can't deny you, the day will come that you will be the one who is in control. Even if you don't market your brand, people will be the ones who will market it because it is so good and it has a big value to offer.

So don't feel bad and hopeless if things are not going on your way, there is still a way and that is to get better. Of course you will not become successful fast, you will need to wait for a lot of time but one thing is for sure... your time will come, you will become the best and that is... if you keep your hope alive and get better everyday. Keep practicing, keep grinding, keep elevating yourself and do whatever it takes to become the best.

Getting better everyday is already a success, if you improve a little, even if that improvement is only .001 percent, that is still an improvement, it will still make you feel good and successful.

If things are not going on your way and you're not doing anything to get better then you will stay on that grid forever, nothing will happen to your life, you will become a failure forever. But if you keep on improving everyday, even if bad things are happening to you.., you will still feel motivated, you will still feel some kind of hope that one day... you will become successful.

Getting better is your only chance, it is your last card, it will be your main ticket to greatness so never stop doing it, stay with the process and patiently wait for your time.

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