May 24, 2017


You buy this shirt because nobody wears it but you really don't like it, is it being yourself? you listen to these music because its kinda unique and you rarely hear it but you don't feel good about it, was it the right music to listen? You color your hair indigo because you think it is cool even if you don't feel comfortable about it because you want to be labeled as a unique human being, now tell me does wanting to be unique gives you a good feeling?

Trying hard to become unique will only make you look stupid because it is not being natural. Your uniqueness will show naturally if you are just being yourself. Detach yourself from what people might say and just simply follow your heart and that is already uniqueness. Just being yourself will separate you from the pack because the rare quality of you that you don't know will be genuinely show up and people will be amazed at how true you are. You don't need to force anything, just wear what makes you comfortable, speak naturally, move naturally and that's it. You don't need to impress people, you don't need to catch their attention by doing or using stupid things.

Being yourself means being unique because each one of you has a unique trait that will only show up if you express yourself honestly without forcing or trying so hard.

Be simple if you are simple, if that what makes you happy... don't be ashamed of it. Even if people tell you that you're too boring, never mind what they say because it's their problem if they find you so boring. If they don't like you it means you don't need to like them too. Right people will accept you for who you are, they will never try to change anything about you.

If you are loud and that is your real personality so be it, don't stop yourself from being loud because it is giving you happiness. Some people are trying to become loud even if it is not their thing, maybe because they want to get some attention and that makes them look like a fool, they were so annoying. A loud person that is natural is not annoying, a loud person that is fake is unattractive.

Don't look for things that will make you look unique because your uniqueness will come out naturally, you don't even need to use things or do this and that. Your uniqueness is already inside of you and you don't need to show it to other people. Just do what makes you happy, just live your life naturally and your uniqueness will be notice by everyone. If they don't give you any attention so be it, don't try to please them or impress them.

Being quiet, being at peace with yourself is already uniqueness. Simplicity and not forcing things is already uniqueness, a lot of people will be impress with you because they will feel the realness of your personality. Being true is hard to do, being honest is something that most people don't want to do because they feel so uncomfortable with it. A lot of people wants to shine so they will lie to themselves and to other people just to look good.

If you are true to yourself, if you can admit your weakness and flaws... that is already being unique. People will like you but of course not everyone. But the point here is you show your uniqueness by not hiding anything.

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