May 19, 2017


Have you ever post in a social media about what you're doing?, you really take a nice picture of yourself and put a nasty description of the image but after waiting for how many hours... your picture only get 10 likes. You're disappointed right? you feel like there are hundreds of people that will like your picture because you have thousands of friends but after expecting a lot... you were only appreciated by few, the worse is... those who liked your image were not even close to you, you don't even know them personally.

The moral lesson of the story is... never seek for appreciation because that will come naturally. If people wants to appreciate what you're doing... you don't need to force them or wait for them. They will appreciate you if they really like you. If you are trying so hard to be appreciated... you will look unnatural, you will look like a person seeking for attention so badly, you will look needy and that is the most unattractive characteristic that anyone can have.

Your happiness is not based on what people will say. You can become happy even if they are not talking about you, you can still become happy even if they don't like you. Their words doesn't matter, you can become happy by just simply living with the moment, enjoying what you're doing or even just simply thinking about the past experiences that gives you true happiness.

Because if you will condition your mind that you can only feel good if they feel good about you... you're in big trouble my friend, your happiness will be too shaky. People will be able to control your happiness, you will easily feel bad once you don't like their reactions. In other words, you will become a totally weak individual. You will become depressed once you find out that they don't like you, you are so dependent from how they feel about you.

The best thing to do is be natural, be yourself, don't try so hard and seek for appreciation. Express yourself they way you wanted to express yourself. Some people will like you, some people will don't but the best thing to do is be yourself and detach yourself from the expectation of others.

If you are not expecting to be liked... you will experience true freedom, you will no longer feel bad for just small things. You will discover the real you, you will begin to experience the true meaning of life. You will not please people or do some terrible things just to look great. Don't market yourself because there is no point in doing that.

Express yourself by improving everyday, be happy with your progress. Do something that you will do forever. You don't need to tell them how good you are or impressive you are. If you're really good... they will discover you, they will look after you and they will be the one who will look for your attention.

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