May 24, 2017


To become successful in one thing.. you must put as much as you can on it and then just tweak it later. Nevermind if what you are putting is not perfect or has some flaws, just put something, make it big as much as you can and then just tweak it later to make it close to perfection.

Because what you need to do is you need to establish the work ethic first. You need to establish a strong foundation first then just try to make it great in the end. It is not about a perfect start or flawless beginnings, it is all about putting something on what you're doing and trying to grow from it everyday.

It is like gaining an experience, you need to do something, make mistakes, just show something and then try to improve it later.

Once you have a lot of production, once you have a lot of creation... you can become very flexible and creative in the alter stage.

For example in boxing... you need to build your cardio first, you need to jog, exercise, do a lot of boxing shadows, make your body stronger... you need to put a lot of things first in the beginning and when you're confident enough and you know that you already master the basics then that is the time when you can study a lot of advance techniques and put a different style in yours system. Don't look for advance methods and forcing yourself to do it because you will only become disappointed once you learned that you can't do it.

It is like saving coins in your piggy bank, you make it grow, you become patient trying to save everyday and when you feel that what you save is too much... that is the time to move to another level. That is the time to try some other things that will make your position better.

This is a good method to anything. If you wanted to become great at something... you need to make the foundation very stable, you need to put a lot on it and then try to tweak your system or process to achieve greater results.

Another example is in business... if you just build a business today and you don't know what to do next. Just put something on it, put anything on your business. May it be a simple product, a simple exposure, a simple marketing strategy etc. Put a lot on it and then select what is working and cross out what is not working. It is like putting some fertilizers on a plant and watching it grow.

Keep in mind that any simple thing that you add in your system may work, it can accumulate in the end and it can give you the results that you wanted. Don't be shy to take a lot of actions because it is free. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because that is what success is all about. Put as much as you can, make your hands dirty, don't be afraid to get tired.

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