May 03, 2017


Just pretend that you're stupid. Pretend that you are just doing it even if you don't know it. Because knowing a lot will make you conservative, knowing a lot will make you don't do anything. It is because you are planning so much, you are calculating so much, you are analyzing so much that is why you can 't even get started. You want to have a perfect result right away, you don't want to make any mistakes.

If you are pretending that you're stupid and you just do it for the sake of producing something then you will be able top produce something, you will be able to finish. It is like freeing yourself from perfection so you can focus more on progression.

See yourself as a mediocre individual who just wants to move, who just want to produce something so you will be happy. Because if you are thinking about greatness, if you are protecting your name then you will be stuck forever in a mud. You will be planning forever, years will pass and you haven't accomplish any significant things yet in life. But if you are pretending to be stupid... at least somehow you will get something. Because you don't care at all, you just do and do and do. You don't care about mistakes, you don't care about people, you just care about the task that is in front of you.

Pretending to be stupid is giving yourself a freedom from outcome. It's like you don't care at all if you're right or wrong. Because the truth is... you can never become perfect, you can never become right all the time. A lot of people can't take actions because they don't want to look stupid if they execute an action, they always wanted to look smart, they wanted to stay perfect. When they made a mistake... they feel humiliated, they feel embarrassed, they don't want to keep going anymore. They will quit and just do some other things.

It's not acting like stupid, it's just pretending that you don't care. Of course you care about your work but you don't care anymore if you made a mistake, you don't care if you're doing something wrong anymore. You just go and go. You're like a train that doesn't care about bumps and rocky road, you just keep moving until you reach your destination.

That is what being great is all about... you just produce and produce, you just create and create. You don't care about critics or the people that laughs at you. You're so decisive that you will go all out no matter what. Nothing can stop you, you will start right away, you don't have any ceremonies before you start. You just move and take actions until you finish.

Anyone can produce results but not everyone is willing to start. They are so scared to start because of being afraid to commit mistakes. They want to look clean with untarnished record. That is why they can't progress, that is why they remain in the same place forever.

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