May 19, 2017


Pretending that you don't care will remove all the tension from your body, the pressure on your side will fade and you will not fear anything or anyone, you will not be scared of what is going to happen. You will be able to relax, you will be able to detach yourself from any destructive forces that is stopping you from taking actions.

Pretend that you don't care but you are still willing to move and take actions, it is like freeing yourself from the outcome or consequences that may happen. Because if you are not anticipating the future.. you will feel lighter, you will enjoy your freedom, you will become more creative, you will be in the moment.

If you are in a huge debt and the bank is about to take your house... pretend that you don't care, pretend that you are willing to sleep on the street, open yourself to any possibilities. This kind of approach will also make your mind open to any possible solutions that will help you to retain your house and pay the bank what is needed to delay the repossession of your house. If the bank officer is always calling you and threatening you.. act like you don't care. Don't quarrel with her, don't argue with her, don't beg her to give you extensions. Just pretend that you don't care so you will be able to free yourself from worries. Because if you don't feel any fear in your life, you can do something big, you can create miracles, you can come up with something that will solve your problem. Focus your attention to some other things that will lessen your worries and fears. Focus on taking actions that will somehow solve the problem a little bit.

If you were about to hit the gym and your mind is so afraid to step on the thread mill or lift the lightest weights... just pretend that you don't care. Pretend that you don't care if you will get tired, pretend that you don't care if you will sweat a lot. You will see that your emotions will become lighter, you will just do the first step and the rest will be taken care of by itself. Because if you care too much of what is going to happen... you will become scared, you will procrastinate, you will look for the perfect moment to start which will never happen.

If you are so scared to try... just pretend that you don't care, pretend that you don't care if you fail, pretend that you don't care if you get embarrassed. Pretend that you don't care if people will laugh at you. Once you embedded this kind of mindset into your system... it will become real, you will never care at all about the next thing that will happen, all you will care about is what is happening at the moment.

That is what life is all about... focusing on the NOW and not thinking about the consequences, pain, results, etc.

You care too much that is why your mind is always in trouble, you care too much that is why you can't do something good for your life. Stop caring and start acting. If it is meant to be then it will be but what you need to do is do what is the best for your life and never take any single second for granted.

The trick to live a better and happier life is to detach yourself from expectations and anticipations. If it is not happening yet then don't worry about it. Focus on what you can control, you can control your mind and actions. Stop controlling the outcome, stop controlling people. Don't be a control freak, just live your life and face all what must be face.

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