May 26, 2017


If you will do something make sure it will make a little impact if it can't make a big impact. Because you're just wasting your time and energy if you keep on doing something that doesn't even give any momentum at all.

For example in losing weight... you can't just be walking for 5 minutes everyday. It will not give you anything, you're just wasting your time. It is a good starting point, but don't do it for one straight month. Do it for just a week and when the habit of walking everyday is already there.... you must elevate the resistance. You must do a new exercise that will make you sweat, because if you're not sweating, if you're not feeling a little resistance then what you're doing is nothing. You're just wasting your precious time. The best thing to do is do something a little bit harder, do something that will give you a little stress because for sure it will give a little impact in what you're doing. I am not saying that go hard and kill yourself, my point here is sometimes you're being soft too much is what causes you to not progress. Sometimes you think what you're doing is right, yeah maybe you are doing a positive thing but if it ain't giving you anything then you're just fooling yourself.

You know in yourself if you're making a progress right? you know in yourself if you're gaining something. If you feel nothing after doing something then you just wasted your time. So make it a little harder for yourself, that is the only way to gain a little bit momentum. Make sure you are having a little hard time. Because if everything is easy.... you're in danger my friend, you are travelling the path that will never give you what you want.

So if you are working for your project... make sure it will make a little impact, make sure it is giving you a progress because if you're just doing something just to show people that you are busy.... you will regret it in the end.

The key here is to go a little bit further, go a little bit outside of your comfort zone. If you can walk for 5 minutes a day... change that routine and walk for 10 or 20 minutes a day. Make sure your heart is pumping fast, walk fast, it is better if you can jog or run, force yourself... that is the only way to make an impact. Even if you're already old... walk a little bit faster, that is the only way to expand, that is the only way to become a little bit more energetic. Because if you will stay with your comfort zone chilling and relaxing... you will find yourself getting frustrated, you will never see any changes in your life. Change only takes place during stressful moments, so if your life is too easy... it means you're the same person as you were yesterday.

Because being soft means stagnancy, I also thought before that you should take it easy, you should go with the flow and let success come to you naturally. But what if the flow is so slow and it is flowing to the wrong way? That is the time to change the flow, that is the time to make your own flow.

Again, you don't need to go super hard right away, if you can just create a little impact in anything that you do, if you can just find a little progress then that is the right process for you.

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