May 30, 2017


Complaining is bad but if you have the right then do it. If you can walk away and if you have a lot of options waiting for you if your demands were not met then complain. But if you're nothing but a dependent person who can only do a few things and have only less options then stop complaining and just do your thing. 

A lot of people were complaining about their lives that they have low salary, that they are overworked, that they are being abused or treated unfairly. Sometimes those complains are true and you need to address it but if you can't do something about it, if you are not willing to change your life or if you don't have any options to walk away and choose a different path then never complain because you are only making things more difficult for you. Why will you complain if you don't have any power? why will you complain if they don't care if you stop doing your job? they will never listen to your complain especially if your presence produces only small impact. Even the managers are not complaining, even the presidents are not complaining so who do you think you are to complain about life? Life is not easy, your parents should thought you that from the very start. 

Only make a complain if they are willing to listen to you, make a complain if they can't afford to lose you but if they can easily replace you without any form of hesitation then never complain because you're just wasting your energy. You're just putting yourself in a bad position that you will regret in the end. 

The number one rule is... only complain if you have power and your value is high. But if what you can offer can be easily duplicated then don't even bother complaining because they will just laugh at you. They know they can live without you, they know they can still operate at the highest level without you so who are you to complain. 

Most of the time, the people who always make a complain are the losers, those people who are whiners and excuse makers. The spend most of their time complaining instead of looking for a way to make their lives better. Sometimes they knew what to do with their lives but they choose complaining instead.

If you find yourself always complaining in life, complaining about small things or big things... you better be scared. You might become a complainer forever and you will never be able to achieve something great in life. Complaining is an energy drainer, it is just a wast of time. The time you've wasted for complaining could have been use for some other things that are more productive and can make your position better. 

Look at those people who always make a complaint against the company, government and their environment... all of them are broke because they don't have the abundant mindset, they always see the wrong in different things, nothing is correct to them. They see negativity in everything around them and that is why opportunities are always passing them. 

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