May 26, 2017


Jealousy is the number one reason of being a failure. Being envy, being jealous means inviting failure in your life. Because it is the number one producer of negative thoughts, it is the number one producer of hatred and bitterness. If you are being jealous with your neighbor because he has a beautiful and brand new car... you are setting yourself up for depression. You will never take actions, you will just talk about your neighbor, you will think about him everyday, back stab him, bad mouth him at his back. Everything you will do is about negativity. Sometimes you will even invent false stories just to put your neighbor down. And that makes you stagnant, you are not doing anything about your life, your focus is on your neighbor and that makes you a failure forever.

Same thing as your wife and kids, teach them not to look at other people's lives, instead look at their own life and focus on the core circle. You should teach them just to focus on the family and focus on making each other better and happier. Because if they will not be aware that they are jealous... they will keep in being jealous. Everytime your kids saw a new toy from their playmates, they will also ask you to buy them the same toy, the worse is they will ask you to buy them the more expensive toys. Same as your wife, once she saw that her friend has an expensive bag... she will also ask you to buy here the same bag. What if you can't afford them to buy what they are requesting? of course they will get mad at you, they will blame you for not giving them what they want. And of course, that incident will affect your confidence, you will lose focus on your work.

If you can just explain to your kids and wife that it is ok to not have those things and experiences then your life will be fine. You will experience more freedom, you will not have a miserable life, you will not rush, everything is under control. 

It is ok to give them what they want if they really want it but if they just like it because they got jealous from others then that is wrong. And one more thing, just give them what they want if you have a lot of money but if you will grant their request and you don't know where you will get the money to buy the food for tomorrow... be strict, be hard, don't give them what they want and explain to them carefully the more important things. 

A lot of people makes decisions because they got jealous from other people. They want what other people have even if they can't afford it, they want to grant themselves the things that they think will make them happier. The truth is... no cars, no toys, no bags will make you happy forever. You will always look for something new once you got jealous from others. The best thing to do is to learn how to control your emotions and don't look at other people's lives. Learn to appreciate what you have if you can't buy something new, problem solved. 

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