May 23, 2017


Not him, not them, not anyone but you... you, you are the only reason for being offended. You offend yourself. You are so sensitive, you easily got hurt when they say something bad at you. You can't control their mouth, you can't control everything that they say. What you can control is how you feel, you can manipulate the thoughts that are entering your brain. But you are not doing it that is why you get easily offended. That is why you are crying by yourself and making all these kinds of dramas in your life.

Sensitivity is ugly. Your day will be ruined easily if you are sensitive. You are jailed by your own thoughts and interpretation of the situation. And even if sometimes their intention is to not offend you... you are still offended. You are easily destroyed by those little words that doesn't have any meaning. If you are offended, it only means you allow yourself to be offended, you are offended because you offend yourself by being less matured to accept the things that is out of your control.

It is ok to get offended but always be aware of yourself if you are dwelling with it too much. Get offended for just a few seconds, feel bad for just a few seconds then let it go as fast as you can. Focus on the more important things in life, focus on having fun in life. You can always control your emotions, just kill your ego and forget everything that you hear.

Being too much emotional is bad especially if it is making you do stupid things. What people do or say to you is none of your business, you can only react and retaliate if they touch you or hurt you physically. But if all they do is make you feel bad... the best thing to do is just ignore it because if you react violently... a lot of bad things will happen, you will regret it in the end.

Just remain calm, still and cool. Always put your emotions in control and never try to do stupid things. It is the best way to do if you find yourself offended.

And the truth is... if you will think deeply, what people say or do doesn't even matter if you know yourself and you are happy with your life. They cannot hurt you if you know what you are doing and where you are headed to. There are more important things in life and you must focus on those things.

If you have a goal and you are pursuing something, no one can offend you easily because you know it's just a waste of time dwelling with those things. You know you need a lot of time to become successful so those circumstances just look like a garbage and time waster for you. You will not even waste a single second giving attention to those things.

So stop being sensitive and emotional because you are not being yourself if you are easily offended. You might say words and do things that you will just regret in the end. The best thing to do is just laugh at it and move on so fast. Place your focus to the more important things that will make your life better, focus your attention to the things that you can control and that is... your thoughts and emotions.

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