May 04, 2017


Have you ever wonder why some process that you are doing are very effective to you and not with others? it is simply because you believe that it will work, you feel good about it and you put all of your faith on it. While other people doesn't believe it that is why they can't get the same results as yours.

If you believe that it will work then it will work as simple as that. That is why there are lot of cancer survivors who made it... they simply believe that they will become better. They never get discouraged, they never give up. They fight until their sickness is 100 percent gone. 

That is why placebo effect is working, once you believe that a medicine will work even if you are not sure where it came from... it will work, your belief is the only thing that makes it work. No scientific evidence needed, no hocus pocus or black magic needed. Your belief itself is the magic, it can make anything work, it can make anything possible.

If something is proven to work, if you don't believe in it... it will not work. Because there is no faith on it, there is no expectation and excitement. Your feelings are dead towards it and if you don't  feel good about something... chances are something will go wrong.

If you technique or style is awkward but if you believe it... it will make you successful, the law of attraction will work. It is how you feel and not how talented you are that matters. If you really feel good about doing it then for sure it will work. It will give you results and progress.

Your belief will make it effective because you will try your very best and you will give your all just to make it work. Even if it sounds irrational, even if it seems illogical.. it will still work because your belief and will power can find a way how to make it work.

So stop thinking about if it will work or not, focus on strengthening your belief and everything will be alright. Just focus on feeling good and finding ways on how to fully believe on it.

Believing is what will make anything powerful. Even if something is proven to be powerful enough, if you don't believe it then it is still useless, it is still powerless. So if your opponent is powerful and you don't believe him... he can't ado anything to you, he cannot touch you nor defeat you.

All you gotta do is believe in yourself and believe in what you're doing and that's it. You will become successful one day, you will conquer anything one day. Just make sure that your belief becomes stronger and stronger everyday so that you will become really great and you can conquer any type of adversity. your belief will save you, your belief will make you strong, keep believing, keep dreaming, you have what it takes to become successful.

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