May 12, 2017


There is nothing wrong if you're not versatile enough or you only know one thing. There is nothing wrong if you're too focused on a single thing and everything you know is all about it. You may not do a lot of things, you may not fit well with other things but if that one knowledge of yours is too deep... you will become unstoppable, they will not be able to deny you.

It's all about mastering one thing and trying to become the best if not the greatest at it. If you can bring the only skill you have to another level then you will become very successful. It is not all about knowing a lot of things, it is about mastering one thing and making it as your source of living, you can even make it as a source of income. People will hire you, people will get interested at your skill because you're too good at it.  They know you can become a very strong help for them.

For example, you love numbers but you only love stats, you can become a very good statistician, just focus on it and people will hire you, people will try to get you for their team because you're an expert.

Another example is in mixed martial arts, if you only knew wrestling but you're really good at it, if you're wrestling skill is out of this world level then you can dominate your opponents, you can even become the champion because you're too good at it and they can't find ways how to stop you. The funny thing is they already knew what you're going to do but because you're skill is to deep.. they don't know how to slow you down, they don't know how to neutralize your will.

And when you're too good in one thing, it will never be hard to learn some other things. Because you already experienced the feeling of greatness, you already knew the process of becoming great so learning some other things will not be difficult anymore because you already have the habits of working in your craft and making it a world class level.

It is better to master one thing than to become a little bit skilled in everything. You can know a lot but if you're knowledge about those things is not deep... you will never go far. You will just be an accessory to someone's success. They will just use you if your skills are fit with their small projects, they can easily remove you if they don't need you anymore. But if you're too good in one thing... you can build your own empire, you can become big because you have a one of a kind skill that cannot be seen anywhere. People will find you, people will become very interested at you because you're so unique, you're like a gem that is very hard to find.

So keep making your favorite skill deep, keep honing it and improving it everyday because one day it is going to make you shine.

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