May 14, 2017


Sometimes you don't want to do things or finish things because you are thinking about time, you think you're already late and there is no point in doing it anymore. You think that finishing it is useless and will not even make an impact at all. That kind of thinking is wrong, if you really want to do it then you must do it regardless of what time is. You must be a finisher, you must finish strong, you must be a strong closer, you must have a killer instinct even if you think that it's too late. That is what champions does, they don't care about time, all they know is they have to execute and do whatever it takes to win.

If you're already late in your work, your initial reaction will be... you don't want to work anymore, you are thinking about going home, you are thinking about making an excuse to your boss and pretend that you're sick so that you will not go to your office anymore. And then what? do you think your worries and fears go away after deciding to not continue? of course not, it will stay in your system. You will still think about what could happened if you just continue, you will feel regret in the end because you knew your situation now is worse and it could have been better if you only act courageous to continue earlier.

If you have a project and it already passed the deadline, do it still. Your professor might not accept it anymore, your clients might get mad at you. But their reactions doesn't matter anymore. If you want to do it then you must do it regardless of what might happen. Because that is the best thing to do, finishing it even if you are already late. How can you know the answer if you will not try? there are good things that can happen if you try.

If you think that it's too late then just do it anyway. Time doesn't matter now, the most important thing here is doing it because it is the only way to avoid regrets.

Being late is just an excuse to not continue, you are making yourself believe that there is no more point in continuing because nothing will happen anymore. That belief is stupid, there are lot of good things that will happen if you will still try even if you think that it's too late. Miracles can happen, miracles always happen in the end, miracles happen for those people who try and still hope in the end.

That is why there are lot of people who can't pursue their dreams... they think that it's too late for them. They think that they were too old and cannot achieve anything great anymore. They were too scared because they believe in time, they believe in what other people say that it is too  impossible for them.

Remember that it is not about doing it on time, it is about doing it anyway and finishing it no matter what.

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